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Stock Trading Must Haves – No Trader Should Ignore

What do Successful Traders do differently that makes them profit from their trading efforts week in week out, while others struggle to even break even? It may surprise you to find out that strategy is only part of the equation.

The Leading Stock Markets Recovery After the Financial Crisis – What Is the Current Situation?

Officially, the recession is over. But experts warn us that economic stability is very fragile. Leading countries in the world have different policies of the economic development in the future.

Don’t Be Fooled By The Jobs Report!

This was a week that confirmed that the economic recovery has stalled. Friday’s impressive jobs report does not change that.

Best Momentum Technical Indicators For Stocks

Momentum trading with stocks is a powerful strategy that can be employed without the stress of sitting for many hours staring at a computer screen watching for every slight twitch in the market. With all the hundreds of technical indicators available, which are the best? Can you analyse momentum without requiring a PhD? Here are some robust and simple indicators that anyone can use to be a successful trader.

How to Pick-Up the Share That Pays Most?

Investment is not a kids play at all. While considering the stock market and specifically the share market, the level of involvement is required at a different level. This article stresses upon the point of yielding top most returns from your investments in shares.

Why There’s FAR More Profit Potential In Penny Stocks Than In Other Stocks

Penny stocks are FAR more profitable than other stocks if you know a good method for picking them. This article explains why this is and how to pick the best ones to trade.

The Power of Emotions in the Stock Market

The most ignored and yet the most powerful X-factor in the stock market is ‘Emotion’. Initially, this comes as a surprise to most investors and traders. Isn’t the stock market all about balance sheets and number crunching?

Stock Market Investment – Mistakes Investors Make

The next most difficult thing about investing after buying the stock is knowing when to sell. The first golden rule on stock investment subscribe by Warren Buffet is never to lose money, and the second rule is remember the first rule. However, it is easier said than done. I will focus on four common mistakes investor make in this article on stock market investment.

The Best Penny Stocks for 2011: Hot Penny Stock Sectors

A closer look at two sectors which look promising for the best penny stocks to invest in 2011: healthcare and basic resources. Why? The basic resources sector allows an investor to expose their portfolio to commodities which have nowhere to go but up and up and up and cash cows are always a winning investment.

3 Tips for Picking Out the Best Stock Research Software

With so many stock research software options on the market all vying for your attention, it can be difficult to differentiate one sales pitch from another when most often they’ll all be promising to grant you financial independence and make you wealthy overnight it seems. After relying on this technology for five years myself, I’ve put together a the following three tips for selecting and coming out with the absolute best stock research software.

How To Find The Best Penny Stocks To Watch

Penny stocks, a very lucrative financial prospect in the stock market is widely traded over in plenitude by amateur share traders. Chiefly preferred for their less than $1 price, hot penny stocks can be extremely rewarding if bought and sold at strategic times. However, on another thought, these stocks have the potential to expose you to possible risks considering the tumultuous market condition.

Factors That May Affect Your Wish to Buy the Best Penny Stocks

How to find the hot penny stocks in the market? Well, the basic thing would be getting an idea about the advantages and disadvantages of making such an investment and searching for the right broker that will charge a reasonable fee so that you can enjoy the maximum profit.

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