Look for the DEAL in the DIP!

When to Have An Online Business Investment

Online investing popularity is now growing fast in the stock market. But this online investment is going to swallow your head down very fast in the unpredictable market if you are not going to know first the importance and the downside of the coin.

Put Your Money in the Stock Market to Reap High Benefits

To start with I would like to phrase some lines which go as “see a penny, peck her up and all the day you will have good luck”. And though we see that in the times of inflation and soaring prices a penny does not mean anything, but the phrase too is not of today. It is of the time when a penny was worth something.

Stock Selection Criteria For A High Growth Portfolio – Part 2

In the last article, we looked at the first of our criteria for successful stock selection for our high growth portfolio. In this article, we take a look at the second indicator – Revenue growth.

Stock Selection Criteria For A High Growth Portfolio – Part 1

Building a high growth portfolio of quality stock investments can be somewhat confusing when one considers all the different measures analysts use to determine the current and more importantly, future value of a company. In this article, and others that follow, I will cover a simple set of criteria that you can use to filter through all the stocks listed in the market to find the ones that have offer value for money and have good prospects for growth in the future.

Rumors and Facts With Apple Stock Quote

The volatility of the stock market makes it a risky investment; even more so with the uncertainties engulfing the global financial market. However, despite the investors’ aversion to risky ventures, they thread the precarious waters of the stock market by betting on a few stocks that performed consistently well.

RSI Basics

A simple technical indicator that can be used by beginners in the stock market is the RSI oscillator. RSI (Relative Strength Index) is assumed to be first introduced by J. Welles Wilder in 1978. The RSI indicator intends to quantify the strength/weakness of a certain stock based on its average closing prices.

Stocks for a Penny – The Truth About Penny Stocks

The rise and fall of stock value in the stock market is random. Experts may predict the right time to put in huge investments in accordance with the current marketing situation but no one can control the trading system. The stock trade is such a vast world of possibilities. There is a chance you can win big, but there is also the risk of losing it all, thus it is important for a trader to have a good trading strategy that would allow him to compete well with other investors.

Practical Advice on How to Find If a Stock Is Overvalued Or Undervalued

This article breaks down the rigorous process of discerning whether a stock is undervalued or overvalued. The process is very nerve racking as there are a few factors and parameters that need to be considered.

Smart Investing In The Stock Market

Smart investing in the stock market is an acquired skill, not something you are naturally gifted with. In other words, smart investing in the stock market can be learned. Even if you are poor with math, even if you don’t understand anything about how businesses work, and you didn’t do well in Economics class in high school, you can learn the art of smart investing in the stock market, and become very successful over time.

First And Best Way To Success With Anything!

In this article I will reveal the emotion to success and what you will need to do to actually success. This is where nearly everyone goes wrong – I promise this really works.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Has Plenty of Room to the Upside in 2011

This article summarizes the factors that have led the Dow Jones Industrial Average to rise in 2010 and early 2011, and then considers whether those factors are still in place to enable a further rise in price. Key price levels for entering orders are also noted.

Bull Markets, Bear Markets and Ostriches?

Most people know of the two great animals we usually associate with the stock market. Perhaps the best known are the bulls. These represent investors which are driven by greed and optimism.

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