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Advice to Investing in Stocks

Many companies who offered a 401K plan have employee’s who generally do not understand how they work. We all know what they are for – to accrue money for later on in life, when you are retired, or when you no longer have money coming into your household. Someone starting a 401K at the age of 18, putting in only a minimal percentage of their paycheck, will actually accrue more money in their account than someone who is middle-aged, putting in a maximum percentage from their check.

How to Get Paper Stock Certificates for Free

Online brokers now charge outrageous fees to retrieve paper copies of stock certificates. This guide will show how to get them for free!

Stock Market Tutorial – Do You Want to Learn How to Trade and Invest in the Stock Market?

It’s hard to understand exactly where to begin when you decide to invest on the stock market. Definitely, you can just open up a free account with an online stock agent and follow your intuition, but for all investors this is a dangerous strategy to proceed. It’s much better to study a stock market tutorial or maybe two, research for extra information, and understand the basics of the market before you start investing.

Penny Stocks That Can Change Your Fortune

Penny stocks are shares which are often dealt in pennies & bear a face value of less than $5. These stocks offer most impressive deals and gains up to a thousand percent are possible even for a very small amount of investment.

Online Stock Trading Brings Profit To Your PC

If you’re interested in trying out online stock trading, you’ll want to know more about how this investment method can make you money. Today, many stock market novices quickly become savvy shareholders because of the ease and affordability of online trading.

Online Stocks Tips – When They’re Free, They’re Worth What You Pay!

Many people dream of striking it rich playing the stock market – to make this fantasy a reality, you need free online stock tips from experts, such as salaried journalists and reputable stock market trading websites. Paying for investment tips from brokerage firms or stock consultants can get very expensive – these helpful hints can cut into your profits.

Online Shares Trading – Profits For The Home Trader

Making a lot of money through online shares trading is the dream of many home traders – it’s been proven that this goal is possible – if the home trader understands how to buy & hold the right shares. Education and expertise will allow you to grasp the fundamentals of home trading – you’ll need to track events by knowing which new products and services will boost company stock prices in the short term.

Planning for an Earnings Report – A Protective Trading System

Often you hold a stock that you don’t want to sell for tax reasons. An earnings report could threaten your profit. A Collar provides an inexpensive trading strategy for protection. If the threat materializes, you do not have to bail out. An additional Put allows your profit to grow further if the stock reverses.

How to Spot Good Penny Stocks and Avoid Bad Penny Stocks

People the world over are perpetually on the hunt for good penny stocks. Penny stocks are cheap as they literally cost pennies and when they break out they tend to explode resulting in phenomenal gains for the investors and traders involved with them.

A Trading Plan for Covered Calls

The bane of all covered call writers is when the stock runs up hard and fast and you either have to surrender the stock at the lower price, missing all those juicy gains, or buy back the call and a lot higher price. This happens and it’s just a fact of investing IF you have a trading plan.

What Is Commodity Options

Commodity options are options based on commodity. Commodity option is a right but not an obligation to trade a commodity at a specific price. Commodity options are used by agricultural producers, commodity purchaser, investor, and speculator. Each of them has their own goal for using commodity option.

MREITS – High Yield Or High Risk? What You Always Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask!

What are MREITS (Mortgage Real Estate Investment Trusts? Are there different kinds of MREITS? How do leverage, hedging, government backing and other factors impact their dividends and risk? Do MREITs make sense in today’s interest rate environment? Why do MREITs have such high yields? Do MREITs make sense in an IRA or other Tax advantaged accounts?

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