Stock Market Outlook 2022: LIVE with Adam Khoo

How To Get Rich With 1% Gain?

Suppose, you have a trading strategy that gives you a 1% gain on your portfolio daily. There are 252 trading days in one year. This 1% gain daily translates into 252% gain annually on your portfolio. If you factor in compounding at 1% average gain daily, this translates into 1,127% profit in one year. If you start with a $10,000 stock portfolio, this means $112,740 in one single year.

3 Reasons Why Stock Option Software Has Taken the Investing World By Storm

Investors of all backgrounds and experience levels have taken to relying heavily on stock option software in recent years for three substantial reasons. Consider these reasons for relying on stock option software yourself to trade more reliably and smarter in the stock market without sacrificing your time or your wallet to do so.

Online Stock Market Trading Giving High Returns

Do you wish to aggrandize your investment? The fact is everyone wishes to. There are a lot of online money making ideas that does not involve a lot of investment and you can easily earn a comfortable income, enough to run your home, all the bills, shopping and credit card bills, as well as meet the repayment expenditures of loans like housing and car loans.

How to Succeed in the Stock Market

From the outside looking in succeeding in the stock market appears to be a near impossibility to the untrained eye. There are thousands of stocks on thousands of companies and each of these has a myriad of fundamental and technical data.

Investing Tips – A Key Lesson About Share Prices And Company Valuations

Many people who are very new to stock market investing are extremely naive when it comes to share prices and market valuations. This is perfectly understandable because no-one is an expert right from the start. However you do need to learn certain things before you start investing your money for real.

3 Uncommon Habits Of Successful Stock Traders

When it comes to trading the world markets there is only a handful of people who ever become successful. The reality is that trading is not nearly as easy as many people make it out to be. It requires certain skills and a mindset that very few people ever develop. While skills can be learned its the mindset and the attitude that has to be developed individually.

Basics of Trading and Penny Stocks

Companies are of two types: Private and Public companies. Public companies are those which have sole at least a portion of their shares to public and trade on stock exchange. A stock or equity market is a public entity where the companies are listed.

Read About Stocks and the Basics of Trading

A share or stock refers to a unit of ownership in a company. Behind every stock is a company. Behind a company is a business.

Tips for Investing in Stocks at a Young Age

Are you still young and want to start investing in stocks? Did you know that people who invest in stocks at a young age can withstand the ups and downs better and will come out ahead every time? Here is all you need to know about investing in…

Covered Call Strategies for All Market Conditions

Covered call strategies are popular with options sellers due to their capacity to generate regular income over time. In this article we explore the best way to apply covered calls in all market conditions.

Option Trading Software – Why You Should Never Analyze Option Stocks Manually

Whether you are a seasoned trader, or a new comer in the field of stock trading, then using Option Trading Software to trade will greatly enhance your ability to trade accurately, on the stock market. Chances are, if you are searching for option trading software, then you should already be familiar with the term option trading. Even if you are not familiar with the term, I will briefly explain later in this article.

Making Money Trading Stocks – How New Investments Dominate Stagnant Equities Markets

Making money trading stocks these days involves keeping a watchful eye on forex markets and central bank activities. These deep markets and government policy institutions have great sway over the movements of the equities market today.

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