STOCKS & CRYPTO TUMBLE as FED Confirms Rate Hikes

Dow Jones Index – General Information

Nowadays it is not easy to find a trader who has never heard about the Dow Jones Index. This is the oldest and most popular stock index, which is considered a barometer of the U.S., and hence, of the world stock market.

Investing Success With These Eight Market Timing Tips

Profitable market timers rely on market timing information that has a history of success. In my opinion there are 8 concepts that have yielded consistent profits to those investors that followed them.

Investor Relations: Go Social or Not?

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” The same adage applies to a public company’s news release. If nobody sees it, there isn’t any impact. One way to expand investor awareness is social media.

How to Select the Best Stock Selection Software

Stock selection software is used by roughly 1/3 of all investors today because it removes emotions and guesswork from trading, gives you an exit strategy, and every move you make is the product of analytically examined market behavior. Not every program is the same or as good as the next, however, so here are some things to keep in mind to walk away with the best of the best when it comes to getting stock selection software to help you trade smarter and more effectively.

Investing Tips – Determining Stock Volatility

If you are interested in trading and longterm investing, it is important to know about stock volatility. There are various investing tips that you can apply to ascertain stock volatility. When investors are looking for an opportunity to put their money into something, they usually think about the intrinsic value of the stock and margin of safety.

Optionetics – Risky or Real? A Review

I was in St Louis one evening in 2006 at a hotel when I first heard of Optionetics.  I always want to know more about stocks and how to find trades that would be profitable.

What Exactly Goes On In A Bond?

Bonds, by their very nature, are not really exciting. Typically, you lend money to a corporation or the Treasury Department or any government agency, and the borrower consents to pay it back over a fixed period or when matured at a fixed rate of interest, also known as a coupon. The longer the term of the bond the higher the interest rate.

Factors On Why The Stock Market Shifts Gears

Just as the behavior of the stock market goes up and down just like a roller coaster ride, it still usually manifests reasonably normal activities. The market responds depending on whatever information the economy and business companies bring. Sometimes, it overreacts but most of the time it breaks into a number of causes.

How to Trade Promoted Penny Stocks

When people are trading penny stocks, they often forget the differences they have to account for with promoted penny stocks. These stocks have unique movement patterns that make them unlike anything else in the trading world. In fact, if you are unprepared for the dangers and opportunities involved in trading these stocks, you are very likely to lose money.

The Three Faces of Stock and Bond Markets

The last decades of the 20th century marked the largest bull market in the history of the U.S. economy. The Dow grew four times during the decade.

Stock Training – The Easiest Way to Become an Investor

The momentum trading stocks can be extremely interesting due to the highs and also the lows. The concept associated with this kind of trading is to locate stocks and shares which are expected to go extremely high or perhaps really low on a single day. The momentum investor jumps on and fights until an income is achieved.

The 5 Most Effective Ways to Quit Trading Stocks

1) You study and back test and decide to learn the behavior of just 3 stocks really well. You begin to trade these 3 stocks week, after week as they all are trading in a range bound manner and you get chopped up everyday, eroding your hard earned capital along the way. You buy at the top, and the stock falls again and again.

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