Losing Money in the Stock Market Is Unfortunate

Over the years, many folks have told me horror stories of how they made, but then lost money in the stock market. In hindsight I’d say that losing money in the stock market is common I suppose, sometimes I’d say its job is to screw the most amount of people and transfer wealth to the insiders and market makers, and to sell and feed it to the fishes, little investors, just before it all collapses. It’s a lot like gambling I suppose, and well, you know the house always wins in the end they say.

Becoming A Forex Trader – Obtain The Proper Guidance Course

When you’ve got a basic understanding of Forex investments, it is essential to broaden your proficiency even farther. Nonetheless, Forex trading is a markedly complicated and wide ranging avocation. Contrary to usual stock trading you don’t simply need insight and observation of one company or one big business, you are required to develop a global proficiency of differing currencies and how changed international Influences shall shift the worth of one currency in connection to an alternative.

Trading The Stock Market

People should always save a portion of their income if they can. Even for people on lower incomes, if possible, spending should be restricted to only the bare essentials to save as much as possible. If the recent recession has taught us anything it is that things can turn nasty suddenly and quickly. People without any savings will find themselves in very tough situations. They could lose their house, their cars and even their marriages without prudent financial planning. Investment is a key part of long-term financial planning.

Trading Stocks in India

Stocks or shares as they are commonly called, are traded in the Stock Exchanges of a country. These are mainly investments by people in different Companies so that these companies can utilize such investments to further their business and pay dividends or bonuses accordingly.

10 Rules to Choosing the Right Stocks to Buy

Picking right stocks is both a science and an art. Your attitude is the ‘art’ part of the process. Given below is the ‘science’ part – 10 simple steps to identifying the right stocks to invest in.

What Is the Graham Number and How Can It Be Used to Generate Great Stock Picks?

Are you looking for a great way to pick stocks in minimal time? Well, Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett developed a technique over 5 decades ago that’s still relevant today. This article outlines a ratio they call the Graham Number.

Why Don’t More People Invest in Preferred Stock?

Preferred Stock is one of the most misunderstood forms of investments. This article explains why many investors don’t hold this type of security and how it can be properly used in your portfolio.

Why Penny Stocks Are Risky

When you are looking at a retirement investment portfolio the higher the percentage of stock investments the more aggressive the portfolio is. In general investing in the stock market is considered somewhat high risk already. Add penny stocks to the mix and you’ve greatly increased the risk factor. But with this high risk comes the potential of high reward, otherwise people wouldn’t engage in high-risk investments. If you’re thinking about getting into penny stock trading it is important to understand why these stocks are considered high risk.

Warren Buffett Books

For those investors trying to learn the techniques of the most successful stock market traders, they might want to start with legendary investor, Warren Buffett. In this article, readers learn the most important financial texts that shaped Warren Buffett’s investing techniques.

Why Does Warren Buffett Like to Buy Stable Companies That He Understands?

One of the most important things any value investor can find in a stock pick is stability in it’s earnings and debt management. This article talks about why those variables are important.

How to Calculate the Intrinsic Value of Stocks Like Warren Buffett

One of the most sought after calculations in all of investing is Warren Buffett’s method for determining the intrinsic value of stocks. This article will provide a quick overview of the important pieces needed for solving this problem.

Can The Stock Market Avoid Election Year Dip?

Two of the last three elections years have had patterns similar to this year’s market, and experienced significant sell-offs from their August highs to subsequent lows. Can the market avoid the similar pattern this year from continuing?

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