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Stock Market Today

Over time, real-time financial data weren’t widely and generally obtainable. Certain internet websites managed to provide one real-time price at any given time, however typically only once you have enrolled in a service and/or signed a complicated legal agreement.

Penny Stock Trading: How To Reduce Risk and Make Good Money

This is a very simple method for penny stock trading that you can use right away to make good money – and a technique that is far less risky than most. Even if you are a stock market newbie, you should be able to use this method quite easily.

CONSISTENCY Is the Key To Making High Profits With Penny Stocks

This article explains how you can find a steady stream of penny stocks with a consistent profit. It also explains why consistency is more important than finding the one BIG penny stock winner.

Seasonality and Global Markets!

When investors think of the stock market’s annual seasonality, as expressed by the adage ‘Sell in May and Go Away’, they usually relate it to the U.S. market. But in fact the pattern has proven to be common in global markets as well. Since investors have become much more comfortable with investing in global markets in recent years, in fact have poured money into emerging markets at a record pace, recognition that the seasonal pattern is global is potentially of considerable importance, especially this year.

Paying Dividends Since the 19th Century

Can you list at least five companies that have been paying dividends since the 1800s? How about 10 companies which have been paying dividends for more than 115 years? In this post I list a few American and Canadian companies that have been paying dividends for a very long time.

Great Tips For Trading Success

The same people continue to make fortunes trading because they share certain important commonalities. In this article, find out some of these secrets to trading success.

Value Investing – Magic Formula Investing Proven to Beat the Market

Stock Market investing is a weird science. Investor’s sometimes have a favorite strategy; or favorite sector and index; some even have their favorite stock! Since we’re focused on becoming rich and building wealth with certainty, we’re going to share with you a “Magic Formula” that focuses on a proven, low-risk, stock market investing strategy to help build wealth with confidence, beating the market over the medium-to-long term no matter what Mr. Market does in between! Read on to find out more.

Sub Penny Stock Trading

You hear about Sub Penny Stocks being a waste of money, very risky and a lot of misinformation about the companies behind them. But you try anyway and sure enough you lose your money because you could not sell the stock after you bought it, it was restructured and you have no hope of getting your investment back, the share price dropped like a rock and is staying there, etc, etc. Sub Penny Stocks can give you a return for your investment if you think it through.

How to Triple Your Investments in the Stock Market With Charting Software

Today, there you can use chart software which operates based on the same algorithms which professional traders use to anticipate market behavior put on a consumer-based level. This article will talk about why this new technology is so affective when it comes to anticipating subsequent market behavior so that you can invest accordingly and ahead of the curve to realize huge profits.

What Are Stock Market Options? For Those New to Investing

When you buy a stock in a company you are buying a part of the company. Now to make this article easier to understand I am going to describe a company that I will use as an example.

The Down Market Effect on Implied Volatility – The Biggest Option Trading Secret?

One of the most enduring empirical regularities in equity markets is the inverse relationship between stock prices and volatility. The successful option trader needs to know not only how a change in the underlying stock or index will impact on position profitability, but how a change in implied volatility will affect the position. In this article we explain the little known Down Market Effect and how you can use it to gain a significant edge when trading options.

James Connelly – The Penny Stock Prophet Trading System Creator

Are you looking for James Connelly? In this article you can read all about him and his Penny Stock Prophet newsletter. Prepare to be blown away by his rags to riches story and how he’s helping his members do the same.

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