Trading for a Living Part 1 of 3

The Use of Stock Charts As a Guide for Trading in the Stock Market

The stock chart is, for many stock market traders, an important tool for assessing the activity of a stock or the overall stock market in general. The stock chart in most representations is a graph showing price, trading volume, and possibly other related market activity, that has taken place over a span of time, usually for a period of time in the past until the present time.

Middle East Crisis – Should We Still Buy The Dips?

With the middle east crisis getting so much air time on the 6 pm news of an evening. Many traders are wondering where to invest especially with all the volatility in crude oil over the last month. But as the mentality in the market over the last 12 months has been ‘Buy The Dips’ is this really likely to continue?

Portfolio Destroyers: Stay Away From Slow-Growth and No-Growth Dividends

There are many reasons that people are flocking to dividend stocks right now: they are a bit safer than the traditional market stocks, and with CD and treasury bond yields at all time lows, they do offer a way to make money without the risks associated with the stock market. (There’s really no point locking up your money for 5-10 years for a measly 3% interest.) Though you should be careful in any sort of investing, this idea is not meant to be discouraging.

Is Owning Stock Enough to Get You to a Comfortable Retirement?

Many 401ks were hit hard through the financial crisis, and though a lot of the retirement plans are rebounding, not everyone has made back their losses. If you had to sell of funds for college or retirement planning, you know just how much can be at risk when the market swings.

Get Only The Best Penny Stock Picks

If you want to get only the best penny stock picks there’s the right way, and the wrong way. The best penny stock picks enable traders who want to profit but aren’t willing to risk a considerable amount of money investing in the stock market. Picking the right penny stock can bring you incredible rewards.

Penny Stock Tips For The Newbie

For any beginner, it is important to gather as much penny stock tips and information as much as possible. These penny stock tips will help you get started on trading penny stocks without increasing your risks of huge losses. While there is no way to predict what’s going to happen next in this volatile market, there are ways to lower your risk.

Bid Dividends, Big Money: How to Play the Stock Market

When you think about making millions in the stock market, you usually think of big names and big companies (Buffett, Google, Facebook, Coke, etc.) The problem with that line of thinking is that those companies have already made the billions from nothing. Risking everything on a small start-up could pay off for you in the long run, but it’s an investment that will go belly up nine times out of ten.

What’s Behind Penny Stock Fortunes?

Many wonder if penny stock fortunes are for real. Even more wonder if penny stock fortunes can be a possibility for them. With the recent economic state, there are a lot of people out there that would tell you to avoid the stock market and invest your money in what they consider more secure places.

A Simple Look At Penny Stock Trading

Penny stock trading is considered by many to be a very risky activity. However, penny stock trading also known to be highly rewarding if success is found. Penny stocks are fundamentally stocks that don’t cost a lot, trading from anywhere between $1 and $5.

Online Stock Trading, BSE Sensex, And The Commodity Market

The Indian economy is today deemed one of the fastest growing economies in the world. This is more validated by the fast recuperation of the Indian stock market, attracting foreign investors who invested in bulk and added funds amounting to crores. Thanks to online stock trading; had this facility not been available, it would have been a complex affair investing in Indian stocks.

Stock Market Investing – How I Have Evolved As An Investor

I have been investing in stocks for several years now, and first started as soon as I had a few thousand put aside in my early 20s. Unfortunately I lost virtually all of this money in the next couple of years, but I’m glad I did because it taught me some valuable lessons and helped me to evolve as an investor.

How to Select the Best Stock Screening Software

Stock screening software is used on a daily basis by traders of all experience levels to realize regular and reliable profits in today’s current stock market. Not every stock screening software is as good as the next, so just keep these things in mind to get the best of the best.

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