Why do Yin Yoga?

Learning to Win in the Stock Market

The most important rule when trading stocks, or anything else, is to always cut your losses short. Learn how to win in the stock market. You could make a fortune.

Why Don’t the Financial TV Shows Promote Penny Stocks? Is This GOOD NEWS For You?

If you want to make really good money in the stock market, especially over the short-term, you will need to learn how to defy the conventional wisdom. Learn the secret to why the financial shows don’t promote penny stocks and how that can help you.

The Yin and Yang Of Stock Selection – Mixing Fundamentals With Technical Analysis

While the majority of stock investors seek, what is in my view, an irrational tendency towards ‘either’ the fundamental analysis camp (studying stock reports, earnings, growth rates, management competence, etc.), ‘or’ the technical analysis camp (price study, charting, indicators, overlays, etc.), there is a third way – an option increasing numbers of self-directed traders, have begun to exercise, towards seeking out potential stock plays which offer a healthy reconciliation of both schools of study. The stock selection strategy which I frequently bring into play, especially during bull market trends, involves a simple, common-sense mix of ‘both’ fundamental and technical analysis, designed to seek out undervalued growth stocks with robust fundamentals, combined with precise entry ‘timing’ signals offered by popular technical analysis indicators.

Why the “Big Boys” Don’t Trade Penny Stocks and How This Can Help You Make a FORTUNE With Them

You can make a fortune trading penny stocks. First, you need to understand why the “big boys” don’t trade penny stocks and how to use this to your advantage.

3 Reasons Why Technical Analysis Software Has Taken Off in Recent Years

Within the past few years, this technology has really taken off amongst traders of all experiences and backgrounds. With roughly more than a one third of the entire population of stock investors using technical analysis software, I’ve accounted for the following three reasons for why this technology has become so popular in recent years.

Option Basics: Implied Volatility

This is the next in my series on Option Basics. This article will cover Implied Volatility and how it affects option pricing.

Using the Price to Earnings Ratio to Value Stocks and Shares

This article looks at the uses of the Price to Earnings Ratio is valuing stocks and shares and whether to buy or sell. The articles outlines how it is calculated and then discusses the uses and risks of the ratio.

Stock Market Investing – A Primer for Beginners

Stock market investing if done with discipline, can give extremely good returns. Just like in sports or for that matter any discipline, you need constant practice and an effort to update your knowledge. If that is done you are well on your way to successful stock picking. The article is specific for Indian investors though most of the ideas expressed are universal.

Choosing Best Penny Stock Can Be Tricky

A coin always has two sides and the story is similar with the penny stocks as well. When you decide to invest in these stocks you have to judge both the benefits and demerits. Suppose you receive a call that describes about the best penny stocks of the day.

Hot Penny Stock Purchase Guide for a New Investor

Purchasing undervalued stocks always lure investors as there is always a chance to get big return. You may come across hot penny stocks and decide to invest on it. Do not take a hurried decision, rather wait and analyze whether the stock can be effective for you or not.

Knowing The Hot Penny Stocks That Suits You

Investing on a market which can still be referred to as fragile is never a good idea. But when you have debts driving you nuts, you have simply no other alternative but to take yet another gamble. The current stock market might be unpredictable, but if you get your investment ideas spotted on, and then there is no reason why you shouldn’t see yourself rise to the top, financially.

Essence Of The Very Hot Penny Stocks

With the world market still stagnant over a precarious landing, investors around the globe will be certainly feeling the heat, especially with volume trades. Luckily, stock markets have stuck with us in offering the chance to get on with volume trade without putting too much on the line. Yes, buying the hot penny stocks involves risk, but that’s pretty much the same with other stocks.

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