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Good Stock Tip – Is It All You Need To Make Money in the Stock Market?

Does this question seem like a no-brainer to you? Of course, it’s one that makes you a lot of money, right? But, does everyone make a lot of money with a good stock tip?

3 Reasons Why Real Time Stock Software Is the Best Way to Identify Undervalued Penny Stocks

Penny stocks can garner you a huge fortune or a huge loss in the short term because it takes very little trading influence to see their prices extremely affected one way or the other. Obviously the key is to identify undervalued penny stocks, and one method has been embraced by more traders for doing just that than any other.

POPULAR Methods Of Penny Stock Trading and What I Know REALLY Works

A very popular penny stock secret revealed. Sometimes the most popular methods aren’t really the best ones – especially when it comes to penny stocks. This article reviews the two most popular penny stock trading methods and then reveals a method that works MUCH better. If you are earnest about making money with penny stocks, you need to read this article.

A Very Useful Stock Market Advice and Investing Tips

My best stock market advice to you is to embrace the concept of investment diversification and the need to add small-cap stocks in an effort to increase the expected return of your portfolio. I would like to discuss the concept of asset allocation as a critical part of any prudent portfolio management strategy.

Commodity Chaos

Recent news has been ablaze with news of commodity price volatility. Prices for gold, silver, and oil have all taken a sharp drop after rising significantly over an extended period of time. These rapid price fluctuations demonstrate the effect to which commodity prices are being driven by leveraged futures contracts and speculation concerning future price movements.

Making Money With Penny Stocks The Easy Way

Making money with penny stocks is actually quite easy if you know how. The problem that most people have is they get so waded down by all the bad information out there, they can’t see the obvious way to make money with penny stocks. Read this article and everything will be simplified for you.

The Greeks: Delta

Options are complex! Their value being determined by a long mathematical equation, with many sub-equations and variables. This article continues my series on Option Basics, and covers the Greek – Delta.

Avoiding Penny Stock

Penny stock market is notoriously known for its manipulation by “big players” who raise the stock prices by sending out promising newsletters about the company via stock picking websites and paid advertisers. However, many novice investors not realizing the fact that those stock picking websites are in fact “paid advertisers,” don’t do “due diligence” of that promoted firm and blindly buy the stocks.

Is Apple Stock Going to Go Hyperbolic to a Market Cap Over 2 Trillion?

It is amazing the types of contrived sound and fury we hear on the financial news each day, not to mention the conspiracy theories of all those who love to short the market come up with, yes some are purely delusional, others are market makers and have a stake in the game, while still there are those who make it up as they go for the occasional prime time financial news sound bites. Okay so, let’s discuss all this and what it has to do with the price of rice in China or the stock prices on the NYSE, DOW,…

Penny Shares

Do you want to know the pros and cons of investing in penny shares? Read this article to understand the promises and the risks.

Significant Market Correction In Progress Now?

I’ve been long SPX since the September 2010 bottom and an aggressive buyer on pullbacks.  Today I exited all long trades and went to 100% cash and then even took on a small short position.  My current analysis shows ample reason to conclude that stocks and commodities are in the early stages of a significant correction.

Kicking The Can!

The economic catch phrase of the year has become ‘kicking the can down the road’, applied to all the economic, budget, and financial problems that are not being solved, but are simply kicked further down the road. It’s an apt description, as it is exactly what’s happening. Maybe it can continue without a major problem developing. But recent indications are not promising.

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