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What Makes a Great CEO?

Often times, stock investors may only get wrapped up in the calculative value of a business from the reported accounting each quarter. This article demonstrates a different approach to looking at the intangible value of a stock pick by assessing the businesses leadership.

The Stock Market: Tips to Stay on Top

Here are 8 tips to keep in mind when investing in stocks. Have you invested your money, but not seen the returns that you want? How about a little straightforward advice and some simple common sense ideas to help you stay on top…

Learn Stock Option Trading and Understand the Options Trading Systems Before Investing

If you do an internet search you will find that there are hundreds of websites that try to sell options trading systems but you will be surprised to find that very few of them describe what exactly stock option trading is. An option is, in reality, a contract that the stock holder can make use of to buy or sell the stock at a specific price on or before a fixed date.

A Warren Buffett Book – Three Key’s to Ben Graham’s “The Intelligent Investor”

One of Warren Buffett’s Favorite Books of all time is “The Intelligent Investor,” by Benjamin Graham. This article highlights three of the most important aspects of this classic investing book.

The Three Important Parts of Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations”

For any scholar that wishes to study one of the most complex finance texts of all time, they’ll definitely want to read Adam Smith’s, “The Wealth of Nations.” This classic macro-economics investing text provides profound insights to how currencies work and operate. This article briefly describes the three most important pieces found in this amazing book.

How I Go About Picking Stocks

Conventional wisdom says picking stocks is a losers game, when in reality, picking stocks is the cheapest way to have exposure to the stock market when done correctly. Learn what information to focus on when picking stocks and some of the common mistakes beginning stock pickers make. This article outlines how I went about picking some of my best stocks.

What Is Warren Buffett’s “Owners Earnings”?

For advanced stock investors, they all strive to understand Warren Buffett’s Owners Earnings formula. The formula is an advanced way to determine the true value of a business. This article briefly describes the method for determining this very important number.

The Three Important Parts of Warren Buffett’s Treasured Book, “Security Analysis”

One of the most difficult books to read on stock and bond investing is “Security Analysis.” Although this book is Warren Buffett’s most inspiring reads, few actually understand the books importance. This article captures the three most important parts of the book.

Developing Your Stock Trading Strategy

There is both a science and an art to successfully trading stocks. The science part requires doing your due diligence and having a firm grasp on the fundamentals. But the art side is something that will be unique to each individual trader. Part of succeeding as a trader is having the courage to determine what really works best for you personally. Use the following questions to help you determine which strategies fit best with your style.

US Stock Market – How the Stock Market Works

Although an article on the stock market might seem too basic for many, starting with the fundamentals can often help clarify important themes in investing. In this article we discover the important aspects of how the stock market works.

An Analogy for the Stock and Bond Investor

Although stocks and bonds offer investors return on their money, a different approach must be made to trade the securities successfully. In this article, the reader learns a simple rule of thumb for investing their money.

Are Rescue Efforts Too Late To Prevent A Global Recession?

Central banks have been slow and reluctant to come to the rescue of accelerating global economic slowdowns. The U.S. stock market is at multi-year highs, which could have one think its economy is booming. So it’s not just that central banks are behind the curve of a threatening global recession, but that markets may be well ahead of not only the central banks, but economic prospects.

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