2020 Stock Market Review and Lessons Learnt

2011 – A Year Of Odd Global Market Divergences!

Historically global markets almost always move in lockstep with each other, whether in bull or bear markets. But this year the Dow was up 6% for the year and remained in its 3-year bull market, while Asia and Europe experienced bear markets and were down as much as 30% at year end. What’s going on?

Why Forecasting the Direction of the Market Is Not a Good Strategy When Trading Options

It is not wrong to concern yourself with the direction of the market, but with trading in stock options it is not a good strategy. To better understand this let us look at an example.

How to Use Stock Ratings, Research and Analysis for Successful Stock Trading

The turbulent economic situation and the upheavals in the stock market as is being witnessed today calls for extreme caution while trading in stocks. You need to take control and plan your moves based on thorough research and reliable inputs of stock ratings, live stock market reports and information regarding highest gaining stocks.

What Is a Put Option and What Are Stock Options?

While there can be a lot of reward in trading or investing in stocks, there is also a lot of risk, because the price of your share of stock can go down. How can you protect yourself against this risk?

Recognizing Market Tops – A Key to Becoming An Elite Trader

If you can recognize when the market has topped, or bottomed, you are well ahead of the game. Some people will say you can not time the market. This is absolutely false. Once you learn to properly analyze the market, you will be able to time the market. This important skill could possibly make you quite wealthy.

Stock Value and Stock Valuation Methods Explained

How valuable is a stock? How much is the “fair value” of a stock? How much should you fairly be willing to pay for a stock? Here we look at a basic overview.

The Basics of Stock Trading and How to Source Latest Stock Market News

People engaged in the trading of stocks throughout the world are increasing with each passing day. Stocks are being bought and sold every day in very large volumes on each stock exchange.

Buying Stocks Through Stock Brokers

There are a variety of ways by which you can learn how to buy stocks. The Internet has provided the opportunity for individuals to act almost as their own stock brokers. In many situations, you can buy stocks straight from corporations. In nearly all situations, you can go about buying stocks through online brokers at a very nominal fee. However, doing this of your own choosing and timing is very risky when you don’t really understand how the whole process works.

Low-Risk Investments in the Stock Market For Newbies

There are many ways that you can invest in the stock market. It is unfortunate that most people only know about one way and one strategy, but there are easily dozens (if not more) of unique ways to invest and make money in the stock market. Most people know that you can make money in the stock market by buying a stock at a certain price and then selling that stock later at a higher price for profit. This is the most basic popular way to make money in the stock market. Here are some additional and even better ways to profit from the stock market. Personally, I prefer passive residual income strategies that require minimal effort and risk taking on my part.

Options Trading in Plain English

Many people who are interested in option trading are confused as to what they are. In this article I will explain what an option is by using an easy to understand example.

4 Tips for Maximizing You Binary Options Strategy

When you start investing, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. The simple, effective and profitable nature of binary options trading helps to make the learning process a lot less stressful and enables users to go online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to increase their skills and reap the financial rewards. Regardless of one’s investment experience, those starting out in the binary trading world need to follow four simple tips to maximize their returns.

The Anatomy of a Trader, Part 4 of 5: All Heart

If you want to become a more knowledgeable investor, then you have to be prepared to work at it. And furthermore, you have to create an environment that’s conducive for learning. Here are four ideas to get you started.

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