2021 Stock Market Outlook and Opportunities Part 1 of 4 (US Focus)

Investment Strategy: Financial Rules and Advice

Although investment profits are not a guarantee, it is much like a chess game. You really don’t know the outcome of the game until the game has been played and the winner has been declared. Anytime you play any type of game, you must have a strategy. Investing your money isn’t any different, you must incorporate an investment strategy.

Investing – Why It Is Volatile

Investing in stocks is risky business. Although there are seemingly great opportunities to achieve a high rate of return on investment, one should be cautious in these uncertain times. I know both sides of the spectrum of losing and winning in the stock market.

Reap The Benefits: Learn How To Invest In Shares

Are you considering investing in shares? There are a diversity of shares available to suit the needs of your current financial status and objectives.

What to Look for in the Stock Market in 2012

It’s hard to fathom that after 365 calendar days and hundreds of trading days that the S&P would not gain or lose one point, but that’s exactly what happened. It’s hard to imagine that with everything going on during 2011, including a stalemate on balancing the budget, the near implosion of Europe, millions of people losing their homes and unemployment remaining high that the S&P didn’t move. If you had decided to bury your head in the sand for a full year, put your money into the S&P Spiders with hope that your portfolio might jump, you discovered a year later that you hadn’t made a dime; nada. In fact, inflation adjusted, you would have been in the hole.

What to Look for in a Penny Stock Subscription

Finding the right penny stock subscription can be challenging due to the volatility of this market. There are just as many bad penny stocks, if not more, than there are good ones. There are a few things you should look for when searching for the right subscription.

Stock Market Trends and Tips

People involved in stock trading often look for tips to help them predict which stocks will go up or down and to help them get the upper hand when trading stocks in the open market. It all seems confusing at first, but once you’ve learned how to interpret the signs, everything will start to make sense and market predictions won’t seem like just a guessing game. It’s very important for investors to have a clear idea of where the market is going if they want to make sound investments that will give them good returns.

What Is Stock Market Timing?

Market timing is one of the widely used strategies for playing the stock market. It is most often employed by people who do not favor the ‘buy and hold’ theory, which is another strategy used by many investors. People who use stock market timing are those who wish to make profits over a shorter period of time instead of waiting a number of years for their stocks to appreciate in value.

Investing Overseas: The Asian Stock Market’s Recent Ups And Downs

The Asian stock market has taken a slight tumble after the mid-week resignation this week of Yukio Hatoyama, Japan’s Prime Minister. That fall has caused great concern both in Japan and across the world economic arena. What started in early trading yesterday suffered a reversal after news of the resignation had a chance to sink in across the market.

Why You Should Use Stock Trade Software to Realize Your Financial Independence

Stock trade software enables you to anticipate behavior of a stock in the short term so that you can invest accordingly ahead of the curve and make money on that appreciation. This technology has been leveling the playing field for investors for years and has gotten to the point where more than one third of all investors regularly rely on it. If you are not making as much money as you want out of the stock market or you have always been wary of the risk associated with the market, think about these three reasons to use stock trade software.

Stock Market Trading

Trading stocks can be extremely rewarding if done correctly. Many people who get involved in stock market trading are just normal everyday people.

Three Tips for Walking Away With the Best Stock Options Software

Because it’s gotten so popular, there are now of course more options on the market than ever which are all vying for your attention and claiming to be the best. That is just not the case obviously and I know how difficult it can be to differentiate between one sales pitch and another so I’ve put together this list of three things to look for to get the absolute best stock options software on the market today.

Technical Analysis: Volume Indicators

In the world of technical analysis there are an endless variety of technical indicators. In fact, there are so many indicators that it is often difficult to distinguish between one and another. Many are variations of the same theme using the same input parameters and producing similar results. Before developing a trading strategy it is important to wade through the raft of available technical indicators and determine what they actually do, then choose those that are unique, combine well with other indicators and most importantly, provide a trading advantage.

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