Alibaba (BABA). The End is Near!

Has Relief Rally Ended Already?

Additional evidence this week was given that the economic soft-spot of the first half of the year, which was supposedly temporary, signs of rising inflation, and the return of worries over the European debt crisis. Is it possible the short-term relief has ended after only three positive days?

The Advantages of Penny Stock Investing

When someone mentions penny stocks, the very term implies cheapness and low returns. Yet with a little knowledge, research, commonsense and luck, penny stocks can be a profitable purchase for investors old and new. What exactly are penny stocks anyway? The most basic definition is any stock trading for five dollars or less. Unlike stocks traded on the so-called major markets (NYSE, AMEX, or NASDAQ) penny stocks are traded “over the counter” using quotation services such as the “Pink Sheets” and the OTC Bulletin Board.

Trading Plans: The Key To Success

Every successful business needs a business plan. In the same way, every trader to be successful must have trading plans. Having a trading plan removes the emotions from decisions made during trading. It defines what your responses are going to be at any point during a trade.

RISK: Determining What Level of Risk Is Right for You and What Is the Right Move for You Now?

In this very volatile market is your tolerance for risk what you thought it was during up markets? Are you able to sleep at night? If not, what should you do regarding your investment strategy? Does this current down market create long term opportunities?

Online Stock Market Trading for Beginners

Beginners to online stock market trading can become experts in no time with a little dedication and some good, thorough learning resources. By reading books on strategies and familiarizing yourself with the terminology used in the stock market, you’ll be able to get the most out of news, reports, tips and advice and will be able to make the most money possible for yourself by making smart, informed decisions. Anyone can learn how to trade successfully.

Stock Trading Systems: Choosing The Right Market

Successful traders have a consistent way to trade the market, and have a set of rules which they follow through thick and thin. There are in fact hundreds of ways to trade the market profitably. Some people choose momentum trading, others are fundamental investors. But if they are successful, they have devised their own stock trading systems, and have not copied someone else’s.

What Is a Penny Stock Newsletter?

The best penny stock newsletter is the one that alerts you about a breakout before it happens. Most penny stock newsletter do not do research, but the one we recommend does extensive technical and fundamental analysis.

Cash Flow Trader Program – Who Is Chuck Hughes of the Cash Flow Trader?

Find Out Who Chuck Hughes is of the Cash Flow Trader and learn why his new Cash Flow Trader Program is a highly anticipated program among some of the top investors. This isn’t just for seasoned traders though, the Cash Flow Trader can help even new traders.

Why People Lose Money in the Stock Market: 3 Biggest Reasons

What are the most common reasons why many investors end up losing money in the stock market? More importantly, what can we do to prevent this from happening? Here are three of the biggest reasons why you might be losing money in the stock market.

Finding Undervalued Stocks Poised to Explode

We all would love to get in on the bottom floor of a wonderful upcoming business ready to ride the profit elevator up to new heights. Here are the top 6 criteria for you to consider for finding those undervalued stocks poised to take off.

Discover How Selling Stock Can Make You Extra Money

If your time is limited and you’re not good at MLM, perhaps you should seek online stock trading to make extra income. Whether you are a new stock investor or not, despite the news of the debt ceiling or a tough economy people are still making money in stocks and gold buying.

All About Penny Stocks

Over the decades, there has been an increasing number of individuals who are seriously considering investing in the stock market and other major money exchanges without having to spend too much cash on their investments. This can be accomplished through penny stocks. These are common stocks of very low cost which are usually traded on over the counter or OTC markets or exchanges.

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