Are You a Trader or a Gambler? 6 Key Differences Part 1 of 2

Covered Calls and Covered Calls Screener

A large majority of Covered calls have been dealing only with a call option, these are rights that have been sold to someone else in return of a premium amount. These rights will entitle them to buy a stock at a pre-decided strike price. Also these rights may or may not eventually get exercised within the mutually agreed time period of these options, or at their tenure end.

Is Credit Spread the Same As Debit Spread in Options Trading?

Is there such an options strategy called “credit spreads?” Is it true that a trader will get free money from his broker when a credit spread is initiated? This article discusses the myth about trading credit spreads and explains why there is no such strategy called credit spreads in options trading.

Graphite Stocks – General Overview of Graphite and How to Choose a Good Company

What is graphite anyway? Used in renewable energy storage systems? Graphite is classified as a semi metal. It can be referred to as black led for its dark soft look and texture. Graphite is formed in metamorphic rock by heat and pressure while other types of rock like igneous rock are formed by volcanoes and meteorites hitting the earth. Battery grade graphite consists of hexagonally shaped crystalline flakes which are flat. The graphite used in pencils occurs as veins in rock formations that resemble a coal mine for the large quantity of graphite that is extracted from these type of deposits. Unfortunately they are no good for batteries and neither are amorphous graphite deposits. This should all be considered when looking to invest in this market. Which ones will win the energy industries votes, and which graphite deposits will be needed if their is ever a shortage of pencils?

How to Trade Iron Condor Successfully in 2012?

For a trader to be successful in trading Iron Condor in 2012, he should not be using only a single index product such as RUT options to trade in and out every month. He should pay attention to the implied volatility skews and this giant stock – Apple Inc.

Education And Information About CFDs

All financial instruments have their own individual features that make them attractive or not attractive to investors. Though there is a misconception that derivatives are all about risks, if traded according to your personal risk profile, derivatives may play an important part in growing your investment portfolio.

How Can A Forex Or Stock Trader Maximize His Profits?

When you are interested in trading stocks or forex, one question that you may frequently ask yourself is how does a smart trader generate consistent profits? There are many people who take part in forex and stock trading, but there are very few who actually make good profits from it. However, the latter are usually very successful that majority of them can afford to retire and live on the benefits of such trade alone.

How to Get the Best Stock Market Prediction Software

Stock market prediction software can make investing in the stock market a great deal easier. For this reason a lot of first time investors as well as those who do not have a lot of time or experience when it comes to the analytical (and most important) aspect of investing. You don’t need to be privy to a “hot pick” by keeping your ear to the ground as this is software which uses algorithms to determine and predict subsequent stock behavior. Now that you have a better idea of what stock market prediction software does and why you should use it to help you realize your financial independence, let’s talk about how to get the best stock market prediction software.

Short Selling Stocks: Taking Advantage of Downturns

Investing in the stock market can be accomplished with two major strategies. Long-term investing can be done by buying and holding a stock for several years or decades. Short term investing can be accomplished by buying and selling several times per week, or per day. Short selling is a way to maximize efficiency when buying and selling on a daily basis.

The Best Emerging Market Investment

Emerging markets and etfs are one of the best ways to invest your money especially if your are bullish on the world economy. The two fastest growing economies in the world right now are China and India.

Best Online Stock Trading Platforms

When it comes to choosing the best online stock trading platforms that are available to investors today, it is best to research the trading platforms that are well-known and reputable. An investor should never take a chance with some stock trading platform that nobody has ever heard of.

Stock Picking Software Reviews – Best Penny Alerts Edition

One of the problems with this software is that it’s difficult to differentiate between one and another without actually testing them firsthand because every sales page reads virtually the same and guarantees and promises to convert you into an overnight success in the stock market with no effort required. This is why I test every program I’m interested in firsthand and conduct stock picking software reviews to account for my positive and negative experiences. In this stock picking software reviews edition I’m going to shine the light on a slightly different kind of stock picking program, best penny alerts.

Why Invest in the Stock Market?

Let’s start by going about 10 years back…Think just how much something like a loaf of bread or can of coke cost down the street at your local 711. How much was a pack of smokes or six pack of beer? How much cash did you need to fill your gas tank, pay your electric or phone bill? And even what it cost to buy things like your car or even your house. The price of everything has gone up and so has their stocks. Imagine what things will cost in 20 or 30 years.

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