Ask Adam Your Burning Stock Investing Questions Part 1 of 2

Top 6 Requirements for Pink Sheets Stocks to Upgrade to NASDAQ

Many are unclear about Pink Sheets Stocks requirements, and how they can upgrade into the NASDAQ. In this article you will discover the requirements for Pink Sheet stocks to upgrade out of the pinks and into the big league Stock Exchanges.

What Different Stock Charts Can Say About Your Stock

We see all types of charts all the time to help us quickly understand in a picture what it takes a lot of numbers to explain. From sports to election campaigns to food recipes, there are pie charts, bar charts, and line charts everywhere we look. For the same reason, that a picture is worth a thousand words, there are a various types of stock chart designs to help tell the story of what happens with the stock’s price.

Stock Market: How to Achieve Good Results

The key to making a lot of money in the stock market, or any other trading venue is knowledge. To become an elite trader, you must be proficient in a number of important areas. This includes implementing a successful trading plan, having sound money management, and utilizing proper trading psychology.

Is Management on Your Side?

How does management factor into our selection process of finding those businesses with great growth potential? As obvious as it may be, we want management to be on the side of the shareholder. However, this is not always the case. Find out how you can see if management is on your side.

Stop Loss Orders Don’t Work for Directional Options Trading

I’m sure you have heard that one of the best ways to control risk is to use stop loss orders. Well if you are trading options directional, stop loss actually guarantee that you will loss money. Just to be clear I do believe that you have to have systems & strategies in place that control risk and minimize your losses. But stop loss orders don’t work when in comes to trading options.

Don’t Rely On Asset Allocation To Manage Risk In Your Portfolio

As an options trader and as a specialist in risk management, I often get annoyed when I read about risk mitigation strategies in any number of business newspapers and magazines. Rare is the case where I read an insightful article on the use of options strategies, particularly the protective put, to manage volatility within one’s portfolio.

Reasons to Distrust the Snap-Back Rally!

Thankfully the news out of Japan regarding the potential for nuclear meltdowns has subsided, and global stock markets have rallied for two days in relief. Many on Wall Street are claiming the correction in global stock markets is therefore over, and it’s a buying opportunity. But let’s think this through and not react too quickly.

The Evolution of The Stock Market

A vital part of being successful in the stock market is understanding its history and its evolution. The stock exchanges have taken around 500 years to develop into what we have today and they continue to evolve as the years go by.

Average People Playing With The Big Boys in the Stock Market

Looking for the best stocks to buy, is a question which goes through the minds of all of us especially when it comes to online stock purchase. When, why, and how…. you may say because what’s hot and what’s cold as well as the sectors, markets….which one today?

How Anyone Can Make Money in Today’s Market and Trade Like the Pros Using Stock Broker Software

Professional traders traditionally have backgrounds and degrees in business and investing/analytics, but they have a great deal of outside help while investing, as well. I’m referring to stock broker software which is now available on a consumer based level.

How To Make Money In Stocks – An Investing System

It comes down to Working hard, seeking the advice of financial experts, doing your research, and keep up with what is going on in and around the world. Follow these guidelines and you should be well on your way to learning how to make money in stocks.

Understanding The Most Important Investment Concepts

It’s always good to have at least a basic foundation of fundamental investment knowledge whether you’re a beginner to investing or working with a professional financial advisor. The reason is simple: You are likely to be more comfortable in investing your money if you understand the lingo and basic principles of investing.

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