How Did the Flash Crash Affect Asian Markets?

In 2010, something weird happened in the American stock market. Without explanation, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped over 1000 points – about 9% at the time – and then zoomed back up to where it was as though nothing had happened. Initially inexplicable, this fluke has since been traced back to the complex trading algorithms and software used by trading companies in the United States to take advantage of minute differences in value. A few minor changes accumulated to create a “perfect storm” in which thousands of computer programs were all directed to sell – and then, only a few minutes later, to buy. This “flash crash” frightened many investors, investment firms and software engineers, who were fearful that such a crash might result in the collapse of a market or at least the destruction of millions of dollars in equity due to a few minutes of aggressive selling.

Covered Call Stocks for Passive Income

Wouldn’t it be better for you to have passive income? If you think that passive income is like a rare jewel, then here’s your chance to getting a rare gem.

When Buying Deep in the Money Calls Is Not a Good Idea

Here are ways on how you can improve as a covered call writer. This short article will help you become more strategic in making covered calls.

Things to Know About Basic Trade Options

There are numerous choices one can use when building their portfolios. Stocks, bonds and various funds are good choices, but options trading can also be a powerful wealth building tool. Its flexibility can give the investor the room it needs to make good deals while protecting themselves at the same time. Here are some of the basic things you need to know if you want to pursue options trading.

6 Reasons Why Trading Stocks Online Is A Better Choice

Big money can be achieved from buying and selling stocks. This is one reason many people pick investing in stocks rather than some other investment vehicles. Today, stock trading is far more accessible through the internet.

Getting an Investment Plan

If there is one thing I learned in the last few years, it is the importance of diversifying my investments and protecting my equity as much as possible. During lunch with some co-workers, we got into a discussion about our investment strategies.

Stock Options – Overcome the Fear

If you trade stocks but are hesitant about using stock options because they seem too complex, you are not alone. Follow along with me and I will describe why I learned to trade options to counteract market volatility.

Learn How To Trade Options And Use Effective Strategies For Profit – You Must Read This First

The Stock Market can seem very complicated to many people but when you understand the fundamentals it is really quite simple. Trading with options can be very profitable if you take the time to learn how it all works.

Is This the Right Time to Buy Emerging Economy Stocks?

There has been a lot of talk lately about making investments in emerging economies. The countries that are the most frequently referred to as “emerging economies” by financial experts are Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Why Professionals Trade Options and Why Retail Investors Should Too

In this article you were learn about why investors use options. Options often have a bad rap for being speculative investment vehicles. In reality, options were invented to decrease risk and stabilize stock portfolios. This article explains how they are used and why all retail investors should use them in their self-directed portfolios.

Finally Someone Is Going to Rate the Rating Agencies – Unfortunately, It’s Not a Very Trusted Source

After the 2008 economic collapse there were many people to blame, and some of the blame was put on the rating agencies or stamping everything Triple-A Rated, when many in hindsight we consider much of it was junk. Of course, they aren’t the only ones to blame, as there is plenty of blame to go around for what happened. Now the United States government, and its regulatory agencies have stated that they will be watching over these big corporate credit rating companies that rate everything such as; sovereign debt, municipal bonds, corporate bonds, and multinational banks.

A Stock’s Chart Pattern Reflects What Is Known

Stock chart patterns reflect everything that has been made public and some things that have not. The buildup of momentum, the development of a setup, and buy and sell points can be determined by the market technician simply by studying the charts.

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