Building a Winning Stock Investment Portfolio

Information Used for Stock Market Analysis

Investing in the stock market can be one of the most profitable ventures a beginning trader can make. However, if the beginner does not do proper stock market analysis, the losses could be significant. The overall discipline of stock market analysis is done through studying the subjective internal and external factors surrounding a certain company and its stock.

Options Trading Strategies – Basic Bearish Strategies to Use

In a market dominated by fear, the use of well-established options trading strategies is a must. Traders are always recommended to develop their own unique style of trading in order to secure higher profits and minimize risk.

Insider Trading: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

How can insider trading be legal for those in congress? Are our current legislative and regulatory systems adequately stopping insider trading on Wall Street? Is there any form of insider trading that is legal and can be taken advantage of by everyday citizens on main street?

What Is Market Capitalization? From Penny Stock to Mega Cap

Market capitalization, or market cap as it commonly referred to, is a measure of the value of a company. It is calculated by multiplying the share price by the number of shares outstanding. In short, it is the Financial Markets opinion of what the publicly held portion of a company is worth.

3 Reasons to Use Stock Charts Analysis Software

Stock charts analysis software is that which scours the market around-the-clock 24 hours a day seven days a week looking for what the program believes to be a reliable trading opportunity. Millions of investors regularly rely on this software to trade much more effectively in the stock market without the risk associated with it.

Cheap and Profitable Stocks

Cheap profitable stocks are a promising industry that could make investing fun. With basically the same experience to that of investing in the stock market, the penny stock market investors are able to trade stocks with much lesser value and lesser amount of risk. It is important though to learn some tricks in order to excel in the field and a continuous learning is needed in order to become a wise and good investor.

Why We Should Help Europe!

A simple question. Would it be less costly to help Europe with its debt crisis now, or to fund another massive bailout from a global financial crisis and market meltdown next year like what was required in 2008-09?

Do’s and Don’ts of Penny Stocks Trading

When it comes to trading penny stocks, one has to do some research and not just rely on some third party’s opinion. You only have yourself to blame if the price of the penny stocks you owned dropped after not doing your homework. There is much information available on what are the budding companies out there in the market.

The Best High Dividend Stock You’ve Never Heard Of

Medallion Financial is a leading provider of financing for taxi medallion purchases in New York (as well as Boston, Chicago, Newark, Philadelphia and Baltimore), to help them purchase the “medallion” required to operate a cab in the city – which run between $686,000 to $975,000 each in NYC.  As you can imagine this is a super lucrative niche that very few players specialize in.  This company borrows money at 3-4% and lends it to taxi companies, individual drivers (who want to own their shield) and anyone else who wants the right to operate a taxi in NYC.

Volatility and Stock Returns

In my last article I wrote about trading strategies you can use in a bear market. We’re hearing a lot lately about being ‘bearish’ in these current markets, but it’s worthwhile considering how you can use trends to help you with your trading decisions, even during these tough trading times. How do you choose stocks to trade in volatile markets?

Cheapest Stocks to Buy

In a down economy, people look for ways to make extra money. Investing in the stock market may seem risky at a time like this but the cheapest stocks to buy, known as penny stocks, can be a good investment. The key to success is doing your homework before making an investment.

Tips to Access the Latest Market Buzz and Live Stock Market

It is quite common for novice stock investors to rely upon the resources available on the web. In fact, the saying, “everyone has a first day”, holds good for stock investing as well.

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