Three Reasons To Think Twice Before Investing In The Stock Market Now

The economic backdrop for investing is treacherous and likely to remain so for many years, market values are inflated by any measure, and with all the manipulation and misinformation, it is difficult to assess exactly where investments stand at this juncture. This is not to suggest that investors sell all their holdings, as no one can know how long this charade can continue, and history has shown that markets can remain irrational longer than one might expect.

Netflix Tops 100 Million Subscribers, But Can Its Spending Spree Continue?

Netflix is on pace to spend about $13 billion over the next three years. That’s more than the annual gross domestic product of some countries.

Avoid This No. 1 Investing Mistake

I may have read up on skydiving, but my fear and inexperience would have meant costly mistakes if I had tried to do it alone. The same thing applies to investing.

The Entire Oil Sector Is Screaming ‘Buy Me!’

Lots of energy stories have a grim outlook. But if anything, the picture for oil prices at $60 or higher by year’s end is only brighter than it was before.

This Company Is in the Lead As Automakers Race to Go Electric

Tesla’s Model 3 is going to turn the auto industry upside down. Why? Because it’s the first practical, affordable and highly desirable electric self-driving car.

This Stock Marches Higher As the Market Ignores the Bears

Tesla’s Model 3 is going to turn the auto industry upside down. Why? Because the new model is the first practical, affordable and highly desirable electric self-driving car.

Showtime’s Hit Series Billion’s May Be Confusing to Some Viewers: Clarification on ‘Short’ Positions

With the recent popularity of movies and shows that focus on Capital Markets and the (often) unsavory creatures that inhabit these cutthroat business arenas, viewers who are not privy to the esoteric jargon used by Finance Professionals may become confused while watching shows like Showtime’s hit series Billion’s. For those of you not familiar, the show chronicles the everyday dealings of hedge fund billionaire, Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis) — Founder and Managing Partner of the ruthless and aptly named Hedge Fund, Axe Capital, LP. After watching the show for the second season, I’ve noticed that the writers…

China’s 4 Horsemen of the Stock Market Apocalypse

Get ready, American manufacturers (and American investors). A new player on the geopolitical stage – India – is coming for your business.

Best Stock Tips for Successful Stock Trading

You can spend your money on stock market and create your portfolio from different stocks. In stock market you can also generate profit by using some best stock tips services from any best stock tips providers.

Profit From the Spending War

The president and House Democrats are on the verge of kicking off a spending war on infrastructure. And now there’s plenty of money to be made.

New Stock Trading Idea and Strategies

The stock market is the place, where stocks are bought and sold. In this place where stocks and derivatives at an agreed price.

Things You Should Know About Saving Tax in ELSS Under Section 80C

Equity Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS) are tax saving mutual funds which allows people with investments in those funds of up to Rs. 1.5 lakh to earn a tax break under Section 80C. With ELSS funds, you get the profit of getting the lowest lock-in among all tax saving investments, which is three years. If you invest in ELSS funds, you get higher returns in the long run. The minimum amount which you can invest is INR 500.

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