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The 2008 Nigerian Stock Market Meltdown: Why Retail Investors Lost Money

It is seven years after the stock market meltdown in Nigeria and a major concern has been that a majority of Nigerians are yet to fully return to the market. Analysis shows that market participation since the stock market began to recover is 60 per cent foreign portfolio investors and 40 per cent domestic investors. In some periods, the ratio is as much as 80:20. In spite of the efforts of regulators and other stakeholders to attract retail investment into the Nigerian capital market, the experiences of the melt down have made so many people reluctant to consider investing in the stock market. In this article, the author attempts to identify the reasons people lost money during the period and recommend how to approach the market in this period of recovery.

What Is the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

It occurred to me today that one of the most frequent questions I get is “What is the DJIA?” So I thought in order to be proactive, I would do my best to explain what it is. Both the DJIA and S&P 500 are market indexes.

Why Stock Trading Systems Are Gaining Enormous Popularity

Many people have been investing a considerable amount of money in stocks to earn an extra income. You must know about the stock trading systems and the current market trend before making any investment.

When You Buy A Stock, Plan on Being Wrong

In order to avoid significant loss, investors must plan their exit strategy in advance. What will they do if they are wrong? How do you define being wrong? The investor must have clarity about when or under what conditions the stock will be sold and where the stop loss will be placed. Most people prepare much more for buying than for selling. They think more about the benefit than about the possible loss. Prepare to avoid the loss.

You Could Trade Profitably Even In A Random Stock Market

Some academics have argued that stock behavior is purely random and that trading is similar to gambling. However, even if stock prices were random, a person could trade profitably by proper portfolio management and the application of a sound discipline.

Harnessing Your Passion to Win in the Stock Market

You can harness your passion to become a stock market success. The key is determining whether or not you are truly passionate about what you do and if this type of career or hobby is a good fit for you. If you are genuine and driven, then there is little you can’t do as a stock market master!

Dismiss IBM At Your Peril

•Revenues are dropping but this is normal. They are selling low value divisions in order to concentrate on higher value sectors. •Share buybacks are excellent for shareholders. The company has always done this. They are not financially engineering the numbers. •Cloud business revenues are growing at 60%. IBM believes it has 3 distinct advantages over its competition in this area.

Why Choosing CFD’s Over Traditional Stock Investments Might Suit You

For many retail investors seeing the market above 7000 or the psychological barrier as it came to be known is a huge benchmark and very positive for those who have tracked the market up from the levels it fell to during the market crash in 2008. However this level poses more questions than it gives answers as we now find ourselves venturing into previously unchartered territory leaving many investors and traders wondering if now is the best time to look at taking profit and whether this is the top of the trend. If this viewpoint is to be the case…

You Can Overcome Failure and Be Stronger For It

Being a winner may have more to do with losing than winning. The most successful traders sacrificed much and lost significantly in order to become what they are today. If you can learn to overcome failure and accept it as a part of life, you will become a stronger person (and investor) for it.

Is Volatility Really Good for the Markets?

Volatility whether the hero or villain will be around for a while. But is it really an integral part of investing?

The Markets Need to Quit Yellen

What happens if the Fed raises interest rates? Investors hang on Janet Yellen’s every word to find out. This much is clear: The dollar’s days are numbered. You need to take advantage now of the dollar’s temporary strength.

Trading Without a Guide – Spreading Yourself Thin Can Be a Bad Thing

Many new investors make the same mistakes. You can avoid those mistakes simply by learning from those that came before you. By building a plan and setting goals, you can work towards mastery of the stock market.

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