Features of the Australian Securities Exchange

Learn about the features that drive the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) to be one of the top stock exchanges in the world. Read about the different products available to be traded including ETOs (Exchange Traded Options).

It Always Happens At the Top of the Market – Doesn’t It?

Well, we’ve been in a bull market for 46 weeks, the average is 39, we are way over and heading into redline territory, still, some economists are plotting the nearly impossible future of our stock markets including the Dow going to 36,000 but that’s really not in the cards if you understand how things work. I guess my question is; why are there such optimists for a never ending bull-market at a time when all indications seem to point to a topping out point on the near horizon?

Build Your Option Trading Knowledge

If you are looking to become a great option trader it will be highly beneficial if you are able to put in the time and effort to learn the basics before you get started. By getting the ideal options trading education from books or online sources you will have a better appreciation for making the more successful trades and not losing money.

Bond Market Risks

Some people consider bond investments, especially at the high quality end, to be risk free. This assumption is incorrect, as we have seen quite clearly in the past few weeks. They are potentially lower risk, for example if a company goes bust they will repay the bondholders before the shareholders, but they are not “no risk”. As a guide, I have listed the 3 main risks associated with bond investments below.

Investing in Stocks to Pay Your Medical Bills

Have you considered using the stock market to pay your medical bills? How about long-term care when you retire? Yes, I believe there are numerous ways you can invest safely and profitably to pay your medical bills. The key is that instead of worrying about how you are going to pay for that new baby or new test, you will have an account to tap.

How To Become A Successful Stock Jock

As an advocate for earning multiple streams of passive income, I’ve always encouraged people to invest in stocks. For those unaware, stocks are basically a type of security that signifies ownership in a corporation and represents a claim on part of the corporation’s assets, including earnings. Please note that stocks are also known as “equity” or “shares.” Overall, there are two main types of stock – common and preferred. Common stock would entitle the stock owner to vote at shareholder meetings, along with receiving dividends. Whereas, preferred stock owners do not have voting rights and they typically have a higher claim on assets and earnings than the common shares. For instance, preferred stock owners not only receive dividends before common shareholders but also have a higher priority in the event that a corporation gets liquidated and goes bankrupt.

Liquidation Value Versus Market Value

When investing into a company you should always have some idea what the company’s net worth is. There are a lot of ways to evaluate a company’s value but two of the most common ways are market capitalization and shareholders equity. By comparing both methods of valuation you can better understand what a company’s true value is and whether or not it’s worth buying the stock.

Make Money At Home In Penny Stocks

You only have to tell people that you are planning to invest in penny stocks, and look out for the reaction. One group will be spontaneous in terming it as “attempting suicide.” Apparently, these persons, could have “chanced their luck” in penny stocks one time or another, and made little success of it. On the other hand, the majority, more steeped in the conservative methods of investment, may wish you luck with mixed feelings. Thanks to heresay and media reports, who has not heard of the volatile nature of the penny stock trading and those who lost it all?

How To “Straddle” Your Stock Portfolio When Analysts Are Giving Mixed Signals

Sometimes, the stock market’s direction is obvious and it is relatively predictable for brief periods. Market uncertainty, however, is always with us. No one knows for sure what the market is going to do. Presently, uncertainty is high and many top analysts are giving mixed signals about the market’s direction. This article provides information on an “old school,” risk-management technique called “straddling.”

Use the Best Options Broker Online

If you are in the process of searching for an options brokerage account, a range of issues will need to be considered which should go far beyond just the price of the service. By investing some time into evaluating the quality of the different services provided, you have a greater chance of signing up to a reliable online brokerage service. A first issue to consider relates to the type of brokerage firm. You are likely to have a choice of using a self-directed brokerage or the full service brokerage.

Five Tips for Trading Options for Beginners

If you are just starting in options trading it will be highly beneficial if you’re able to start slowly and learn everything there is to know before progressing to the bigger trades and risks. Getting access to a reliable source of information is certain to help in the process of conducting the trades.

Markets Dance As Bernanke Makes It Rain

Stocks continue to inch higher as investors remain stumped. This is the most hated rally in my 29 years of managing money. Nothing in the economy supports these new highs, except of course one thing: Ben Bernanke is making it rain (and so are his good friends at the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Japanese central bank (JCB)).

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