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Discount Brokerage Firms Info: Why Use a Discount Broker for Investing? Which One Should You Choose?

The good things about some of the discount brokerage firms you come across online is that they can be as little as 90% – 95% cheaper than the traditional full-service brokers. In order to benefit, however, you’re going to have to choose the right one. Also, keep in mind that the services are going to be limited. The setup with the discount brokers is that they will execute your orders to buy / sell investments, but aren’t expected to provide you with much advice. This setup has a plus side: you won’t have to deal with somebody trying to up-sell you or try and get you to invest in things you have no interest in.

Best Rated Investment Newsletters Guide: What to Look for in Quality Stock and Investing Newsletters

If you’re becoming serious about investing, then it’s time to consider subscribing to a newsletter. The better ones aren’t for free, because the advice they offer is very, very useful and valuable. Pricing structures and availability all vary as well. The best rated investment newsletters tend to be the ones that are offered by established companies with quality reputations.

A Different View of Stock Trading Strategy Based on Playing Poker

A lot is being written online is being written about a persons mentality with regards to their specific passion in business or personal life. Here the importance of one’s mentality and discipline is focused on with respect to investing in a stock, investing in it and committing to sell when appropriate to your disciplined strategy. Interesting enough is how a strategy here can be modeled after a successful technique in the game of poker.

Best Investment Opportunities Guide for 2020 and Beyond – Pharmaceuticals and More

Are you interested in investing but don’t know exactly which markets and industries to consider? You’re not alone – there are many beginners and casual investors who need a lot of advice as well. It never hurts to diversify your portfolio, but you probably already know this. Never put all of your money into one investment. That being said, what are some of the best investment opportunities right now? What are some of the ones you should definitely look into?

Money Investment Tips for Beginners: A Few Things You Need to Learn Before Getting Started

If you’re new to investing, it might all seem overwhelming. There are so many different types of investments in every market imaginable. Some people are more comfortable investing in mutual funds while others prefer to purchase individual stocks. It’s essential that you research all of your options carefully and then get started with a small initial investment. Your broker or consultant should be able to give you money investment tips based on your risk factor, current financial situation, and amount of money you will be able to afford to put into an account each month. Never, ever invest with money that you cannot afford to lose, even if market conditions and statistics seem to be in your favor.

Jet Airways Share! Is It a Trap or Time to Buy Now!

A Technical and circumstantial review by Ravi EQS. Jet Airways is in big news and their flights are down from past 6 months continuously for their debit clearance issues. Unpaid vendor bills and unpaid salaries to their employees. Jet airways is not the right choice now; their debt is the reason behind. their asset evaluation went down to -1,946.88cr. Many of their flight are down due to debits. keep on increasing numbers of flights stopped from flying. At the same time flights condition is also not to the mark.

What’s Up Inside Your Car?

We have written quite a lot about disruptive technology in new cars, whether they are production models, prototypes, or drawing board concepts. As each new feature is unveiled, we usually hear some “WOWS” and also some skepticism until the feature is proven and accepted.

WAYMO Versus UBER / LYFT – How Much?

As of right now GOOGLE / WAYMO has begun monetizing some of their self driving vehicles. Development of WAYMO self driving vehicles has been ongoing for over 10 years, and includes cars and trucks, as each is seen to have commercial potential.

The Need for Discipline in the Stock Market

Only discipline will give you an advantage over other investors or traders in the stock market. Most people do not have a discipline. They are guided by their emotions. They become believers in their decision to buy, and they rarely have an exit strategy. The traders and investors who are most profitable have devised a set of rules to guide their stock market activities.

Statistics, Probability, and the Stock Trader

For every transaction, there is a probability for gain and a probability for loss. Even though a stock’s chart pattern shows the existence of a setup pattern and setups have a relatively high probability of success, there remains the possibility of loss. Plan as if your new position will be a disappointment. Planning for a bad outcome will keep the amount of pain you suffer to a minimum.

What Are Oscillators in Technical Analysis?

Oscillators are widely used as a tool of technical analysis. They are popular mainly because of their leading signal generating ability, being as leading indicators they don’t lag behind the price action.

Today in the Market – Mon 08/06

With the second quarterly earnings season at its tail-end, the index closed higher for the third straight session as investors seem to have overcome trade jitters and maintained their focus on robust corporate results. Led by Consumer Discretionary and Technology stocks, nine out of the eleven primary sectors ended today’s session higher. The index is now 0.79% away from the all-time peak of 2872.87.

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