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Online Investment Services

Before the internet was available to almost everyone, potential investors needed to visit and work with a traditional brick and mortar, storefront brokerage firm, which often charged their customers hefty fees for the privilege of watching and managing their money, design an investment strategy and helping them grow and sustain their wealth. In the last decade or so, on-line investment services, like E-Trade, TD AmeriTrade, and even traditional banks, have made do it yourself investing easier and more cost effective than ever. Before opening an online investment account, research the price, the level of customer service and…

Online Brokers

Many years ago, when an individual was ready to invest in the stock market, he or she would have to place a phone call to or visit his or her broker at a brick and mortar investment bank or brokerage account. Over the last decade, do it yourself brokerage firms and platforms have exploded. Thanks to the internet, consumers can buy, sell, and research stocks for a fraction of the cost.

Microcap Stocks

When investors talk about penny stocks, they are using the street name for microcap stocks, stocks that trade at a value of below $5.00 a share. New companies or companies facing liquidity, debt, or profitability challenges generally offer penny stocks.

The Best Get-Rich-Quick Strategies That Really Work

Making money online is something that everyone is interested in, and it seems that everyone wants a slice of the pie when it comes to earning a living sitting at home and typing on the computer. However the advice you get on many websites regarding filling out surveys or providing web design services really isn’t what most people are interested in when it comes to making money online.

The Top Uses for Great Maths Skills

Maths is one of those subjects that many of us seem to have an aversion to. It’s a very dry subject that requires a degree of mental agility, and we all at some point struggled in an overly difficult maths class with an overbearing maths teacher – which tends to leave a lot of scars.

Knowing What Stock to Buy

Finding cheap and affordable stock takes a little legwork, some research, and a lot of patience. Exploring affordable stocks, undervalued stock, and penny stocks opens up your investing strategy for a completely new type of investment.

Why You Should Start Investing In 3D Printer Stocks Today

This article will explain why you should add 3D printer stocks to your portfolio. A brief overview of the technology is given followed by an explanation about why investing in the 3D printing industry might be the smartest financial move you will ever make.

Knowing Hot Stock Picks

Whether you have a long-term investment strategy, designed to help you create, build, and maintain wealth, or you are a high risk investors looking to buy and sell high volumes of penny stock over the short term, you are always on the lookout for hot stock picks. While long-term investors prepare for the inevitable up and down turns of the market, penny stock investors are looking to buy and sell their stock quickly, they are all looking for companies to do well. The mainstream financial media and the analysts who specialize in penny stock options believe that…

Know Your Dividends

Dividend stocks are a good way to build long term, sustainable wealth. A dividend is simply a cash payment made to stockholders once the company begins to turn a profit. While most companies pay dividends in cash, some companies pay out dividends as additional shares. This is called stock shares.

Investing in Stocks

The purpose of stock is to facilitate the exchange of securities and capital between buyers and sellers. By creating a stock market, the risk to individual investors is lessened because it spread out over a number of investors.

The Role of Oil Drilling Companies

Oil is formed from the fossils of animals, plants and trees which date back to several thousands of years. After undergoing a lot of chemical processes for over a million years, they turn into organic substance and later into natural gas and crude oil.

Should You Sell Losing Stocks?

When you are losing your stocks, there is only one essential thing to do-sell. You bought these stocks for one basic reason-to make money. So, if you are losing money, the best thing to do will be to dispose the stocks, because something did not work. If you are experiencing loses in your stock, then you need some technical and fundamental analysis. These two analyses are highly essential; you need them always in order to succeed in this lucrative trade.

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