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How Identifying Divergent Stocks Can Help You

Divergence is one of the many techniques used in the technical analysis of financial assets including stocks, bonds, options and Forex. It is a technique that deals exclusively with the price changes of an asset and aims to make correct predictions for the future based on the changes that have occurred in the past.

Is Investing in Penny Stocks Really Worth Your Time and Effort?

Are penny stocks really worth the time and effort of your investing? Are they a potential source of investment profits or a certain loss of money? Find out what you should know before trading in penny stocks.

How to Open Demat Account for Minors

Demat account opening for minor can be done in any of the two depositories in India. Demat (de materialization) is a process to convert securities held in physical form to electronic form. In India two depositories namely NSDL and CDSL offers depository services through SEBI registered depository participants. A minor can open demat account and hold shares only through his guardian. The minor shall be the first and sole account holder in the account. Joint account can not be opened with minor account. Guardian can be natural guardian or a court appointed guardian). In case of natural guardian, minor attains majority at the age of 18 years. If guardian is court appointed, majority is attained at the age of 21.

What to Know About Online Investing

Ten years ago, online stock trading was nearly impossible. To buy or sell stocks, one needed to work through a brick and mortar broker, who often charged hefty fees for the privilege.

What to Consider When Investing in Stocks

Selecting good stocks requires the investor to consider his or her long and short-term financial goals, research companies and their management practices, and create and implement a strategy to optimize their return on investment. Analysts have a number of theories and practices they use to make decisions on whether a stock is a “buy”, a “sell” or a “hold”. While every analyst and broker takes a different position, they all look at the same financial information and data.

What to Consider Before Investing

Investing in stocks is a time tested way to acquire and grow long term wealth. When a consumer invests in stocks, he or she is helping that company expand and grow, and that has a positive effect on the overall economy.

Trading Penny Stocks

Penny stocks or micro-lode stocks, are stocks with trading values below $5.00 a share and with market caps below $200 million. Penny stocks are generally issued by small companies, start up or growth companies, or companies with liquidity, capitalization, debt, equity, or sales and growth challenges.

What to Look For When Buying Stocks

Everyone has a system or a theory for picking successful stocks. When you buy stocks your are investing in the long term financial growth and success of the company, so there are a number of factors you should consider before you purchase stock.

Penny Stock Tips – Think, Study And Then Invest

Penny stocks are the right kind of investment for inexperienced investors. It gives people like you and me the opportunity to profit from massive gains, which would otherwise not have been possible. Your fortunes could be looking up with penny stocks.

The Easy Way to Buy and Sell Penny Stocks

Stocks that trade at low price, usually under $5.00 a share, off the major stock exchanges are known as penny stocks. Companies that offer penny stocks tend to be small, highly volatile companies that may lack the liquidity needed to trade on either the New York stock exchange or the NASDQ.

The Advantage of Investment Websites

Everyone is looking for hot stock picks. Regardless of whether you are a long term investor looking to build and sustain wealth, or a penny stock investor looking to turn a quick profit over the short term, finding solid and trusted advice about your portfolio is the key to a successful investment strategy.

Trade Stocks Effectively And Make Money

This article is for the novice or active trader who is looking for ways to improve their trading strategy. If you are involved or planning to get involved in the stock market, this one is for you!

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