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Big-Picture Forecasts Are Usually Nonsense!

Big picture analysis usually consists of extending whatever is the current trend in a straight line into the future. But trends only last until conditions change. And when trends are problematic, people and forces are usually successful in soon changing the conditions and thus reversing the scary ‘big-picture’ trend.

Automated Stock Trading

The first and only fully automated stock trading software in the world. It turns itself on in the morning, it trades and acquires profits throughout the day and then shuts off at close of business, all fully automated! Developed and created by a retired Microsoft programmer. Approved, endorsed and used by Ameritrade, E*TRADE and other major partnered brokerages in the industry.

Are You Addicted To Investing?

Investing can be a good way to help secure your financial future, but for some people investing can be addictive, like gambling. There are a few things you can monitor to see if your interest in investing has crossed the line.

Investing Wisdom

Investing wisdom that can make the difference between being a success or total failure in the stock market. What challenges us the most in investing in the stock market.

Stock Basics

Having been involved in the finance industry for so many years I sometimes forget that the stock basics are still a mystery to many investors. Before anyone invests their hard earned money into any type of marketplace we should have a general understanding of these stock basics.

Signs of Group Mentality in the Stock Market

“Hind sight is twenty-twenty” a phrase that best describes someone who has group remorse. Group remorse is the way we feel when we realize what we have done. It is always the same, “what was I thinking”. The fact is we weren’t thinking and it is who we are and we will do it again.

Tips for Trading in Nifty (NSE)

Trading in Nifty (NSE) can be challenging for some people considering the volatile nature of commodity and stock markets in India. Nevertheless, these markets have grown to a level of being the biggest in India with 95 percent equity derivatives and equities trading taking place on daily basis. This stock exchange market has also become a preference for derivatives traders in index options and futures.

Show Me the Money: Basics of ROI

Knowing the basics of return on investment is crucial to everyone. Companies use ROI to measure how they stand against the competition. Others calculate ROI on college, or a certain project they are working on.

Is This a Bull Market or BS?

Are we in a Bull Stock Market? No matter what our investment goals are and or risk tolerance is, market bias should be the most important consideration in any investment decision.

The Machine for Computer Automated Stock Picks

Computer software programs make stock picks with speed and agility better than the counterpart of the human brain. Institutions have been using these software programs for many years that creates volatility in the marketplace. This article informs how large companies use artificial software programs to make their powerful investment decisions as apposed to the small individual stock trader and how the small trader can trade like the large institutions.

Tips to Learn to Buy and Sell Stocks That All New Investors Should Know

Always start with safe and simple investments while you continue to learn to buy and sell stocks. Not only will you be able to invest early in life, but you will also gain confidence as your portfolio grows. Technically there are no safe investments but my definition of safe is CONFIDENCE. If you understand and feel confident in what you are doing than you’re investing, not gambling. Experienced traders still make mistakes, but they learn from it and they understand that trading stocks is all about doing your research and comfortably making the execution.

Was It An Anti-Obama Mini-Stock Market Crash, Individual Stocks Down 1 to 2% Across The Board

Everyone was somewhat on hold when it came to stock trading the week before the Presidential Election in 2012. Then everyone also speculated what might happen if Governor Mitt Romney’s campaign was able to unseat President Barack Obama. Some thought as I did, that if that happened we’d see a 1000 point rally on the DOW. Still, most expected Obama to win, and even Jim Cramer said he expected Obama to win, but also that it didn’t really matter because the 2013 financial cliff and day of reckoning was coming either way – regardless of who was elected.

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