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How To Filter Stocks That Are Risky?

If you are used to sitting in front of your computer and trying to figure out the best stock picks in the market to entrust your investment, chances are that you have not used the efficient methods of stock filter yet. This tendency of yours is a sure sign of a confused investor who is grappling with a surfeit of stock market information and unable to decide about the stocks to invest his money in.

Investors Are Not Dumb!

The popular description of corporate insiders, institutions, hedge fund managers, etc., as ‘smart money’ implies that non-professional investors must be dumb. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Benefits of Online Stock Market Trading

Online share trading is taking place in the changing business world rapidly. Today online share trading has become very easy for investors. Nowadays, people do prefer to make smart investments in smarter ways. For now, online stock trading is the part of an ongoing market trend. Apart from advancement, things will be hassle free for you in this way.

Investing In Penny Stocks – Is It a Good Idea?

A majority of stock investing experts are of the notion that penny stock investing is worthless and it is better to avoid such investments in a small cap market. When we analyze many of the features, this claim truly has some validity. But throwing away penny stocks completely is also foolishness.

3 Reasons Why Stock Investors Sell Their Shares

Many people wonder why stock investors sell their stock. Ultimately, there are three major reasons why investors sell their shares.

Rebalancing – A Great Concept To Beat Your Emotions

One big problem with equity/equity MFs investing is when to book profits and when to enter the markets. This problem is solved – very scientifically – by the concept of Portfolio Rebalancing.

Want to Make More Money in the Market?

Making money in the stock market is not that difficult, if you know how. Making more money is even easier. While it sounds all too logical, many traders try to squeeze more from their trades, ultimately losing. Try this technique instead.

What Is Really Behind the NYSE Closure on 10-29-2012 – It’s Not Just Hurricane Sandy

The New York Stock Exchange closed its trading floors on Monday October 29, 2012 after Mayor Bloomberg told folks in New York on Sunday that the transit system, subway would close at 7 PM and perhaps for a couple of days. This included the underground traffic tunnels and mandatory evacuations were required for low-elevation areas were issued due to Hurricane Sandy with an expected storm surge of 11-feet, plus 75 mph winds. Okay so, let’s talk about the NYSE closure due to weather, something that by the way hasn’t happened in 30-years.

New York Stock Exchange Closes – Good Opportunity to Report Poor Earnings With Little Notice

The 2012 third-quarter corporate earnings season have been a little bit of a stormy ride and right in the middle of it now it seems Hurricane Sandy is busy making headlines and eroding some sand of her own. Companies are bracing for investor pull back on their stock prices and angered shareholders as they report lackluster earnings. All the while the Obama Administration in the middle of the election season is putting out press releases that claim the economy is recovering – thus, making all of this a mixed bag of financial media tanglelations.

Laws Of Technical Trading – The Modern Approach!

We all have read John Murphy’s laws of technical trading. Haven’t we? Well, folks who are yet to read them will get a chance to glance at them here. But, my target readers are those who have not only read them, but perhaps even mugged them by heart. I present to you the commandments of technical trading in an entirely refreshed manner keeping in view my trading experience and modern trading techniques. All observations and opinions are solely mine and I do not intend to disagree with the original rules. They may have worked the best in those times as well may be working still for modern traders in the same old style.

Are Buying Penny Stocks Online Worth The Risk?

Before you buy penny stocks online there is a lot to consider. There are many risks involved with trading these types of stocks. Find out how to avoid being scammed by penny stock gurus.

What Is the Leading Stock Screening Software in Today’s Market?

A staggering number of investors of the stock market today are turning to stock screening software to enable them to realize their financial independence through smarter trading. This is software which, as the title suggests, screens the stock market to look for high probability trading opportunities for you to invest your money in ahead of the curve.

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