Low Risk Options Strategies – Part II

Would you be interested to know how put options can be used for speculative trading purposes? In fact, using put options properly will allow a trader or investor to control his risk. This article explains why this is the case.

How Does Warren Buffett Define Risk? How Do You?

Warren Buffett defines risk differently than most people. Do you think about investment risk the same way Warren does?

Understanding the Short Vertical Spread Option Strategy – Part I

Would you be interested to know that instead of buying a call option, you can sell a put vertical spread to make money? In this article, I will explain how this strategy works and the key challenges we should be aware of.

Equity and Equity Investments

In accounting and finance, Equity means the residual claim or interest of the junior level of investors in assets, after all the liabilities have been paid for. If liability is more than the amount of assets, it becomes negative equity. In the context of accounting, shareholder’s equity (or stockholder’s equity, shareholder’s funds, shareholder’s capital or any such similar terms) is represented by the remaining interest in assets of a company which is spread amongst individual shareholders of common or the preferred stock.

Detailed Insights Into Natural Gas Drilling Processes

Natural gas drilling involves step by step procedure which starts with detection of the area. This is quite an important task since wrong detection may lead to drilling which may prove to be ultimately futile.

Timeless Investment Wisdom

Certain money and investing principles have withstood the test of time, and are as true today as they were hundreds of years ago. Following them is wise, and ignoring them can be expensive.

How SBTS Has Improved Online Stock Trading in India

In earlier times, there were no trading software. The stock exchanges in India were based on open outcry system. Under this system, the brokers gathered at a central point usually at the exchange trading ring and commenced trade with each other. This was considered to be very time consuming, inefficient and bounded the traders with limitations on trading volumes and trading hours.

I Hope You Didn’t Get Zucked On Your Facebook Stock!

Well, as if anything couldn’t get any worse for Facebook’s stock there might be more challenge down the road – consider if you will that Goldman Sachs is now allowing you to borrow their shares on margin to short (FB) Facebook. The 10-days are up since Facebook’s IPO and now anyone can short the stock, of course, you can’t naked short the stock without risk, so you’ll need some shares.

Low Risk Options Strategies – Part I

Are you an investor? If so, would you be interested to find out how options work to reduce the risk of your investment? In this article, I will discuss the use of put options as a hedge against your stock position.

The Time Has Come Mr Bernanke!

For several months Fed Chairman Bernanke has been assuring Congress that the Fed stands ready with ammunition to re-stimulate the economy “if it becomes necessary”. It has become necessary!

What Is Option Trading and How Risky Is It?

Options trading has often been given bad press, and so many people believe that it is a high risk trading or speculating strategy. Actually, many investors use options to reduce risk and protect their investments. This is a very basic introduction to the concepts of options trading and its usefulness as a trading strategy.

Know Reasons Behind Continuous Demand for Oil and Natural Gas Investments

Oil is one commodity which has contributed significantly to the tidal wave of global growth. We just can’t imagine a single day without this essential commodity. Whether a developing or a developed country, oil is needed to drive trucks, cars, planes and ships.

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