Making Money With Penny Stocks

Learn about penny stocks and how many have made money by investing in penny stocks. Penny stocks offers you the chance to make large gains.

Make Money With Dry Bulk Shipping Stocks

Many Stocks and Commodities have been particularly hard hit since the start of the worldwide crisis. But none more so, than those associated with the Dry Bulk Shipping Industry. However, things may be just starting to look up for this sunken sector!

What Beginners Should Do While Investing In Share Market

When an individual starts trading in the Share Market, he is a total novice. A simple mistake can often lead to disaster and in this case, losing hard earned money and time.

Should a Corporation Be Able to Claw Back Executive Compensation If the Stock Crashes Due to Market

Due to the political rhetoric of class warfare it seems as if the public doesn’t want executives to earn big bonuses and high salaries. Many in Washington DC, especially the politicians that are socialist leaning want to curb these excess bonuses and payments to the boards of directors, and executive management. Still, most of those in the corporate world and investment world believe that it should be up to the shareholders to decide.

Iranian Oil and the BRICS Could Crush the US Dollar

An amazing, global, economic phenomenon is unfolding right before our eyes! We may be witnessing the final event and consequences that will end the dominance of the US Dollar as the world’s “reserve currency.” All is not lost, however. This article reveals what’s going on and how to adjust your portfolio.

EU Rescues Markets Just in Time – Again!

The EU summit comes up with an unexpectedly positive effort to contain the euro-zone debt crisis. But does it change the worsening global economic slowdown?

Is Now the Time to Buy? Protecting Your Investments From the Summer Swoon

The summer months are typically a tough period for US Equity markets. Despite the recent volatility in June, there might be a bottom forming, so is this the right time to buy? We examine the possibilities in this article and give you sound financial advice to protect your assets.

What Is the Rule of 72, and How Can You Apply It In Your Daily Life?

The Rule of 72 is a mental shortcut to estimate the effect of compound interest. Compound interest is powerful; make sure it works for you and not against you!

The Best Stock Trading Site

Many people will talk about brokerage fees, research and account fees when talking ab out the best stock trading site. In this article, I’ll be focusing on what a beginner share trader should be looking for and how to determine the best stock trading site for where you’re at in terms of your education and skill level as a trader.

Bear Market Recovery and Replacing Stock Laggards

Early in the recovery after a bear market, replace weak lagging stocks with stronger stocks that are likely to benefit much more from the new paradigm shift in market psychology. Not doing so can cost you both time and money.

Risk Control Through Selling and Diversification

Most people hate to sell at a loss. They also do not want to monitor more than a few stocks. Together, these attitudes are a prescription for disaster.

Why Pick Individual Stocks Over Mutual Funds?

Whether an investor buys individual stocks for his own portfolio, buys a few mutual funds, or hires a professional to manage his account for him, can have a dramatic impact on the way investments are handled and reported. It can also make a huge impact on the bottom line.

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