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Great Stock Tips for Everyone

Every day, thousands of new investors join various markets across the world. Some of these investors are trying to get rid of their boring jobs and few others are just trying to make some extra money. Only few people start investing in the stock market with a permanent goal of becoming a successful investor.

What a Novice Investor Should Know

Entering the world of stock market investments is no doubt a daunting task. However, over a period of time, it can become a lucrative career and huge source of income as you learn trading fundamentals through experience. A novice investor has to learn the ropes before risking that first big sum of money in the market.

Everything You Need to Know About Stock Trading

Stock trading is an extremely lucrative field of investment. A lot of stock traders have earned substantial money with it. But what is it? This article will tell you all about the basics of stocks and share market.

Learn Stock Trading Step by Step

Learning stock trading is not difficult if you are determined to work hard and learn every day. So let us see a detailed step by step guide to learn stock trading.

15 Investment Success Mantras

Successful investors from across the globe have some common attributes. It isn’t hard to replicate their ways of thinking but you can certainly learn from their success mantras.

4 Great Ways to Learn Stock Trading

Aspiring stock traders should have access to multiple source of learning. Just like learning to ride a motorcycle or swimming in a river is about making calculated moves, accepting mistakes and improvising errors – learning to trade stocks is not very different!

Understand Basic Stock Types Before You Make An Investment

Many novice stock market investors commit blunders right in the beginning. Most beginners have little or no idea of their target territory and direction of movement. If you are planning to make investments in the stock market, make sure you understand your own emotional stability, risk tolerance and basic goals before you even start contemplating an investment.

How People Lose Money In Stock Markets?

Not everyone reads books or articles on the internet to gain knowledge on financial markets, prevailing economic conditions and various sociology-economic events that matter. While some people lose money by investing in a euphoric state and still many others fall for common notions.

Stock Market Analysis: Future of Uncertainties?

The stock market is a very volatile place. It’s full of uncertainties. The market may boom upwards or even crash, causing heavy losses.

Pump-And-Dump Frauds and Penny Stocks

Described in this article is the Pump-and-Dump Scheme, a fraudulent type of stock promotion activity that every speculator in penny stocks should be aware of. Even though such swindles are well-known and publicized, the extensive hype of near worthless stock issues still lures naive and gullible people to invest money which will end up in the pockets of the fraudsters.

What Could Stocks And Shares Offer Me?

Stocks, otherwise known as shares or equities, are investment units in individual companies sold for a price – their “nominal value”. For example if you visualised the company as a cake, buying shares in it would allow you a slice of the cake. Many people choose to invest in stocks and shares as a means of trying to grow their capital. Although you do not need to be a seasoned trader to buy shares, there are a wealth of factors which need to be considered by those looking to make their first investments.

Markets And Governments Are Rolling The Dice!

The popular opinion is that next week will be a make-or-break week for the eurozone and global economies, and that global governments realize that and will step in with massive rescue and stimulus actions in the next few days. Global markets have been rallying on that anticipation for two weeks now. Buy the rumor and sell the fact?

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