Evergrande China $300 Billion Default Triggering a Financial Crisis?

How to Triple Your Investments in the Stock Market With Stock Picks Software

The secret to tripling your investments in the stock market is to be able to find a high probability penny stock before it trends and to get out before that trend reverses and eats into your profits or in other words knowing the best time to exit your position. Millions of traders all over the world are currently relying on penny stock specific stock picks software in particular for doing just that to realize their financial independence from the stock market.

Creating Your Edge Over the Amateur Stock Market Traders

As we have seen previously, there are four stages of development that a trader progresses through. Progression through each stage is not always assured. Unsuccessful traders often progress no further than the first two stages. But for those who are prepared to sacrifice the time, a higher level of trader development is often reached. More consistently profitable traders typically find themselves at the ‘third stage of trader development’.

All About Stock Investments

Our daily life is full of menial tasks. We usually think that we need to work for money and not the other way around. But what if I tell you that you can use the money that you have right now to make more money? Will you believe me? I’m serious. All you need to do is allocate your money to stock investments.

Trading Mechanical Systems

This article discusses the issues around using mechanical systems for trading or investing in the stock market. It talks about the trend following and other mechanical systems, and why there are doomed unless you understand what you are doing.

Using An Online Stock Trading Comparison to Help You Decide On Who to Use

It is believed that it is impossible to jump into stock trading without a great deal of experience and from trial and error. Online stock trading has allowed users from anywhere, all over the world to buy, sell and trade online. There are a great deal of online trading companies to choose from, though, and for individuals that do not have a background in investing, it may be difficult to decide on a company. Read to find out how using online stock trading comparisons can help you to decide on an online stock trading company.

The Infinite Compounding Fallacy

The financial planning profession has a long history of demonstrating the power of compounded growth to clients who are looking to invest for the future. Typically, a chart will be shown that shows the difference between investing $100 per month at 1%, 5%, 8%, and 10% rates of return for 20, 30, and 40 years.

Mutual Fund Alternatives for Self-Directed Investors

Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, including short-term performance pressure, having way too much money under management, and being at the mercy of their retail clients who tend to pile more money in near market tops and redeem their shares near market bottoms, actively managed mutual funds on the whole have a terrible track record. So what are some viable mutual alternatives for self-directed investors who are not content with subpar market returns and who reject the notion that professionals with poor track records are good candidates for managing their investments? Here are three broad stock market investing alternatives to mutual funds.

Why Do Some People Almost Always End Up Profiting In The Stock Market?

Why is it that some people almost always make money in the stock market and others just wash out? In this article, I’ll reveal to you something that is responsible for 40% of your success as a trader.

Why Invest in Small Caps Stocks?

Investment has become a must factor these days and most of the people are running behind it. Although, it’s not an easy task, since there are ‘n’ number of options available these days for people to invest their money in. one such reliable and easy option is to invest in small caps stocks.

Jobs Report Rains On Soft Spot Hopes!

The Labor Department’s employment report on Friday pretty much took the hope out of Washington and Wall Street’s expectations that the economic slowdown in the first half of the year was just a soft spot that will quickly be replaced by strong growth in the current quarter and second half. The economy slowed to only 1.8% growth in the 1st quarter and economic reports have been even more dismal since, to say nothing of the Fed’s QE2 stimulus program having expired at the end of June.

Five Secrets To Making Money On The Best Online Stock Trading Site

Even if you find the very best online stock trading site for your needs, that will not be enough to ensure successful investment outcomes. Before signing up for a site, check on the commission rates. If they will not explode in your face, that’s a point in favor of the site. But when it comes to actual trading, there are other things to consider.

A Beginner’s Guide To Doing Fundamental Analysis On Stocks

I’m a technical analyst by trade. I usually analyze the stock market trends using charts. I used to be stubborn, and not let anything else creep into those “sacred” charts. Now, I’m much more open to different things, especially when it comes to making money. There are plenty of people that make money using technical analysis complimented by fundamental analysis. I decided to do some research on the subject, and put it down on (virtual) paper to help me understand the terminology and process better.

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