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How to Learn Stock Market Trading – Become Stock Smart

There are a lot of choices and decisions to make in the new world of online trading. Should you use a stockbroker or try an online service? What type of commodities should you trade? What resources will help you keep informed? If you want to be successful and earn money in the stock market, you must know of a few basic stock tips. Understanding how to learn stock market trading will help you gain an advantage and start making money fast.

Overlooked Takeover Stocks for 2011

Takeover stocks have been a popular investment vehicle. In order to buy valuable public companies in a friendly takeover bid or especially in a hostile takeover bid the acquiring company will have to pay a premium over the market price. This premium gives investors in takeover companies a fast profit, but leaves them with the risk that a takeover may not occur.

Dissecting Why Stock Markets Crash

Who doesn’t love a good stock market crash? Outside of short term traders, it’s an opportunity to reload your portfolio if you’re a long term investor and a chance to dip your toes into the world of Wall Street in if your a newbie. The lore associated with stock market crashes fascinate nearly all involved in the game of investing, just is the case that the fear of a crash paralyzes most traders, in extreme cases keeping them up at night and fearful to pull the trigger on a trade. One can get caught up in the drama surrounding a crashing market, this book attempts to pinpoint the reasons that actually cause the markets to fall through analysis of previous crashes, simulated models, and high tech math equations.

What Is the Difference Between Small Cap Stocks, Penny Stocks, and Microcaps?

The purpose of this article is to clear up the confusion in these terms and explain why smaller cap stocks are more profitable than larger cap stocks. By the way, not all penny stocks are microcaps as is so commonly thought!

Tips in Choosing an Online Broker

Let’s get straight to the facts when selecting an online broker. If you are new to the world of investing, there are two available options for you. First, you can choose your broker on the internet.

Online Stock Trading – A Game of Wits

Online stock trading is rapidly evolving since the time of its introduction in the country’s market. It was first adopted by National Stock Exchange and was subsequently adopted by other national and regional courses in India.

A Lesson From Charlie Sheen (About the Stock Market)

Maybe I am a fan of Charlie’s because of his role in the movie Wall Street, which motivated my career in finance. Perhaps it’s the fact that I have enjoyed his films and his comedy. I have to admit that Mr. Sheen has been accused of (and is guilty of) actions that I do not approve of or condone, but what I have found interesting is undeniable about the man–he speaks his truth! (As irrational as it may seem or offensive as it may be.)

Where to Invest – Beginners Stock Investing Guide

Where should beginners invest money in stocks to invest for long term growth?  If you invest without a real understanding of investing basics you are like most folks.  Here we make stock investing for beginners real simple by explaining some basics.

Penny Stocks: 5 Wicked Schemes To Avoid

Here are 5 penny stock scams you should definitely avoid. And… how to make a substantial profit with penny stocks.

Options Trading – What Trading Stock Options Can Do

An Option is simply defined as a contract between a buyer and a seller that gives the buyer of the option the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a specified asset, or security as in stocks. In the stock market a stock option is simply a derivative of a stock or a security.

Why the Lazy Man’s Way Can Be the Most Profitable Way To Trade Penny Stocks

Would you like to know a really easy way to make high profits with penny stocks and reduce your risk in the process? Then read this article to find out!

Stock Investor or Broker: Which Type Are You?

Have you been thinking of investing in stocks? Are you a novice in the field of investment or are you well established financially? Are you looking into whether you should handle your own investments? Would you prefer to have someone advise you? How much money would I need and how often do I plan to trade? These are some of the many questions that somebody might start thinking about when they are contemplating the decision to invest.

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