From Pro Poker Player to Professional Stock Trader

A Trade Is Simply One Trade

For many, the process of learning to become a consistently profitable trader can be both long and demanding. I know that for myself, every facet of my emotions were tested and I really saw what “I was made of”. Of all the things I’ve accomplished, the process in working to become a consistently profitable trader was by far the most challenging. But it has also been by far the most rewarding.

Will Value Investing Work in the Future

An investor should always think about whether a value investment strategy that has worked in the past will continue to work in the future. No one can guarantee that. However, given that people generally get excited about glamour stocks and new investors continually come to the market, such strategies are likely to work in the future.

Investing Online in the Stock Market

Online stock investing has become so easy and convenient that every ordinary person can take advantage of this. You need to know the basics of how to invest in stocks first and you should also be completely comfortable in dealing with online companies. Since this will involve monetary transactions, you need to be aware of the safety precautions that should be taken while conducting financial transactions online. Once you are confident of all of these, you can opt for online stock investing.

Grand Plan Falling Apart? VIX In An Interesting Spot

Well, it looks like the grand plan is not looking so grand anymore… maybe more of a theoretical idea and hope… – Berlosconi only had 308 out of 316 budget votes and doesn’t have the majority to survive a no-confidence vote. If he is gone, will the technical government really be able to implement austerity reforms? Italian Government Bonds 10-Year Yield has rose to 7.4! More uncertainty.

Cost Averaging – The Secret to Stock Investing

With the stock market making a roller coaster ride would you still invest your money in it? You might want to know how can you profit in times like this and the answer to your problem might be cost averaging.

Good Cheap Stocks to Invest In

Investing in stocks has become even more challenging in the present scenario of economic turmoil. Investors are now more focused on finding out the good cheap stocks to invest in. Penny stocks are certainly a good option in spite of its high risk factor. The risk of investing in penny stocks can me minimized to a great extent by following some simple steps.

Gain Liquidity With a Secondary Market Investment in the Independent Stock Exchange

Over the many years you have been building up your company you have been used to never drawing more than you needed for daily life. But now your kids are approaching college age and that takes some funds, college fees, dorm fees, books, a car and the allowance and the list goes on. Your wife wants to upgrade the home and you have had your eye on a sailing boat forever.

Curtailing of Crony Capitalism in Congress Is Crucial – Insider Trading

Most economists know there is a severe problem with crony capitalism in the United States. And this is nothing new, in fact Adam Smith in his great work; “The Wealth of Nations,” he warned us over 200 years ago of the challenges of free-market capitalism if it is hijacked by an incestuous relationship between big business and government. Boy was he right!

Three Reasons to Use Stock Broker Software

Stock broker software gives casual at home and first-time investors substantial legs up in the stock market and puts them on the same level as those who have done it for years. In this article I’m going to cover three different reasons for why stock broker software has become so massively popular and why you should be using it to realize your own financial independence from the stock market through sound and smart trading decisions.

How to Look for Monopoly Companies

The best way to identify a monopoly is to look around. Generally, smaller companies in regional markets are somewhat monopolistic. While the banking sector is slowly becoming competitive, some regional banks have very little competition.

Stock Trading Strategy – Are You Ready to Face the Tide?

According to some trade analysts, even though the global economy is showing signs of a downhill journey, the time is right to invest in some of the segment front runners. No matter whether we talk about the equities market or the options market, every broker has their set of recommendations.

Hot New Penny Stocks

This article covers hot new penny stocks and all that you need to know about them. Get informed on the ins and outs of hot new penny stocks and whether you should consider hiring a stock broker or do all the work yourself.

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