HEDGE FUND Manipulation | What every Investor Should Know!

Keep Your Eyes on the Internet of Things

Self-driving cars are a critical component of the Internet of Things mega trend. And as you can see, they’re making people large amounts of money quickly.

Increase Your Wealth With Stock Market Investment

Planning for investment in stock market! Stock market investment comes with high level of risk. Learn few tips about stock market investments.

How Equity Knocks Out Mutual Funds

When it comes to investment there are several options available, but it becomes quite a task to choose the best possible option. To get the best deal one must identify one’s financial goals and the time frame to achieve them. The smart investment options available at your disposal are mutual funds, PPF (Public Provident Fund) or direct equity investment. Not to forget, each instrument has its own set of challenges. So the first and foremost advice to new investors is to avail the services of good financial advisor to ease out the stress of financial planning.

Trading The Markets With Realistic Expectations

Trading in the markets is a great way to achieve financial freedom, but the truth is, only 10% of traders do so successfully and the other 90% fail. The fact of the matter is, most new traders fail shortly after entering the markets and one of those reasons is due to entering the market with unrealistic expectations.

Greed and Fear: Common Stock Trading Traps and How to Avoid Them

How do greed and fear dominate the market? Learn about how greed and fear influence the individual trader and how you can avoid emotional trading.

Oh Snap!

During the dot-com boom, IPOs regularly shot to triple-digit gains in their first day of trading. Now most fall dismally flat. But millennials’ interest in Snap could break this IPO rut.

Why The Stock Market Will Soon Favor Value Investing Again

Value Investing is a famous investment strategy which helps to identify quality shares (by using an approximation of the stocks’ value) that are currently undervalued in the market. The worth/value of every stock is based on the performance of the company as well as a view of its future sustainable profitability (known as normalized return on equity). Since the beginning of 2009, the global markets have faced a financial repression era. It was a period of low-interest rates as well as risk-encouragement that has led to a perfect time for growth investing. Furthermore, the market has awarded a scarcity premium to almost all those companies that can grow in such an environment of limited economic expansion prospects. Meanwhile, the market has paid less attention to the traditional value factors, such as P/E (price-to-earnings) ratios and dividend yields. However, these factors have provided substantial return premiums over the long term. The goal of my research article is to identify the points about “Why The Stock Market Will Soon Favor Value Investing Again?”

How to Pick Profitable Stocks – Why Investors Make Mistakes

How do you feel when you make a mistake? What is your attitude when faced with a serious challenge? How do you react when your kids make mistakes? Have you experienced true financial loss at a level where you don’t know where or if you will get the money for that next mortgage payment or…

Risk Management – Stock Market

Many people overlook the importance of managing risk in their positions and trades. As a trader or investor, this is the only thing that we can control. We cannot control the directions of the markets. We also cannot control whether we will win or lose in any position we take. The only thing within our… READ MORE.

Financial Stocks

Stocks and Bonds. The stock market. It may all seem foreign to a lot of us, but there is money to be made with stocks.

Questions First Time Investors Should Ask Before Investing

It is easy to find people’s opinion on how to invest in the stock market as everyone has a different angle on what to expect in the stock market at every point in time, but most of the time people’s opinion may be very confusing. The most common problem that new investors do have is how to determine good investments from the bad ones, what to invest on, what time to invest among others. Some of the questions that you need to answer so as to make a good decision when you want to invest are highlighted below.

Cut Through Market Chaos

Every day the market defies expectations, moves further from “normal.” Adaptation is critical… that’s why we added a new member to our team with a very unique background.

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