High Inflation Coming? Here Are the Assets I Am Buying Part 2 of 2

Emerging Markets Stock Trading During Double Dip Recession

Emerging markets are a popular choice for some investors but how has trading in these markets fared during the risk of a double dip recession? Investing in markets that are just emerging onto the global scene usually offers a higher return potential but these investments may also carry much higher risks at the same time. The double dip recession possibility has caused returns to be lower in almost every sector and market including those which are emerging.

Penny Stocks To Buy And Hold – Which Ones To Consider?

One of the top concerns with any penny stock trader is which penny stocks to buy and hold. There are many thousands of penny stocks on the market, and the fact that these stocks do not have all of the usual information and an extended operating history available can make your research a little harder.

Investing in REITs for the Individual Investor

Do you want to invest to Real Estate, but like most of us, do not have the money or time to actually go out and buy property. Then, REITs might be what you’re looking for. What is an REIT? Well, this guide will help the reader understand them, as well as show how to invest in them, their tax implications, and will introduce a few popular REITs for further research.

Market Volatility And Its Role In The Economy

To better comprehend market volatility, we need to first know the basics. So what is volatility and where did it come from? It is simply defined as the up and down of the market. It believes in the assumption that is backed by extensive statistical facts on the causes of price instabilities in provisional markets.

Top 10 Factors Affecting Penny Stock Prices

1. Supply And Demand – One of the top factors that affect penny stock prices is the supply and demand of the specific stock being traded. If there is more supply than demand the stock will usually decrease in price due to this fact, and if there are more buyers than sellers the price will go up.

Why Markets Ignored Jobs Report and Greek Debt Deal!

There was much anticipation in advance of Friday’s Labor Department employment report for February. The report has a reputation for often coming in with a big surprise in one direction or the other that creates a dramatic market response. This time it did not.

Insider Trading – Oh My, How Will They Pay Their Bills? Congressmen Without Insider Deals

Well, we all know that prior to the US Congress passing the law that congressmen and their staffers can’t do insider trading, that many of them were doing it all along and back then it was legal. Imagine that, amazing, and no wonder all these Congressmen went to congress as middle classers, and come out millionaires – heck it’s a turkey shoot. Meanwhile the SEC was putting people in jail for doing about the same thing, that is to say trading on inside information.

The Next Decade Belongs To Stocks

While I’ve been referring to the coming bull market that I anticipate as being in the top of the first inning, I have refined that view slightly the more I’ve thought about it. That reference sprung from my extreme, valuation-based bullishness during the pullback of last summer. However, the truth is, the better way to look at recent market history is to realize that we had an historic capitulation point bottoming on the numerically-interesting March 6th, 2009 (3/6/9) at an equally interesting 666 on the S&P 500. That is truly the date that I believe will be remembered as the bottom of the last bear market and the commencement of the next bull market.

How to Trade Bonds

Knowing how to trade bonds can be vital for improving returns when the stock market is under-performing. This article covers the basics about how they work, and will lead you on the right path to understanding this financial instrument and when it can be used to help you.

Surging Stock Markets Look Beyond Gloom

When stock markets fall, the media is quick to show images of brokers slumped over their desks with their heads in their hands, or graphs of jagged red arrows pointing to an abyss, just to emphasise the ruin and despair being wrought upon the world. However, when markets rise, we never see brokers high-fiving and back-slapping around the office, or graphs with big green arrows pointing to the moon. A rally might be written up in the business pages, but it’s rarely front page news.

Choosing the Right Stocks for Your Portfolio

Modern development of the world financial system allows investors to move their investments easily across borders. Financial analysts in general agree that usually it is a good idea to avoid questionable stocks that are not very liquid and concentrate instead on the blue chips.

Getting Started In the Stock Market

If you want to get into the Stock Market, these are some investment bases which are designed to help you get started or at least get you thinking about how to invest. However they aren’t designed as the full proof plan.

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