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What If You Don’t Have A Five-Year Investment Horizon!

Wall Street’s advice is always to buy, buy, buy. But sometimes a market decline forces at least a qualifier, that if one has a five-year time horizon it should work out well. But is that true?

Stock Investing – What You Need to Know to Get Started

Learning how to get started in stock investing doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating. Anyone can learn how to invest in the stock market with some knowledge of how stock markets work, the types of stocks there are, and the best strategies to use. Armed with this information, you’ll be ready to jump in to the world of stock trading with both feet.

How to Compete in a HFT Environment

The rise of HFT (or high-frequency trading) in equity markets worldwide is perhaps one of the biggest developments in recent financial history. In Canada, the United States, Asia, and many European countries, extremely powerful and expensive computer equipment is used to execute large orders in miniscule fractions of a second to make a profit on very short-term developments in the markets where they operate.

New Rules At the TMX: New Regulations for Venues and Broker Dealers Regarding Direct Market Access

The US government, through the SEC, or the Securities and Exchange Commission, has reviewed the rules governing direct market access. These new rules affect Venues and Broker Dealers in various ways and have trickled down to the Canadian market.

Control Trading Costs And Achieve The Best Execution Through Transaction Cost Analysis

Transaction cost analysis (TCA) identifies the difference between the amount a company could have made if their trade had been executed quickly and the amount the company actually made. The term slippage is used to describe the difference between the two numbers.

Wall of Worry

Well, here we go again. It’s September, last month of the quarter and everyone, from hedge fund managers to the top strategists on wall street are all looking for foxholes. From the trading community I speak with, no one is long. Everyone is waiting for Europe to collapse, the US consumer to die, China to blow up, and the world economy to go back into recession. I’d like to give our readers a few reasons to remain sanguine. Here are a couple of points not to get so bearish:

A Look At Silver Mining Stocks

As prices continue to rise in the markets more and more people are growing interested in silver mining stocks. The demand for silver investment and also the confidence in silver as a safe asset to invest in has increased over the years. There are a lot of facets of this industry that may need to be examined before a person decides to invest in them and people are choosing to invest in this volatile industry as the scene looks very promising.

Stock Analysis – The Essence of Stock Picking

Stock analysis is a key element in order to purposefully come up with stock market predictions. When it comes to personal finance and the accretion of financial wealth, many people look to the stock market.

Stock Charting Software Review – Best Penny Alerts

In this stock charting software review, I’m going to take a look at Best Penny Alerts. The first thing to understand about this program is how Best Penny Alerts determines which stocks are going to perform the best in the short term and how it differentiates between good and bad stocks.

Forex Trading, Stock Trading or Futures Trading Using Market Structure and Its Natural Order

Are you engaged in stock trading, Forex trading or commodity and futures trading? The basic approach you use matters.

Stock Trading: Use A Broking Service Or Go It Alone?

Investing can be a tricky game. What could possibly be a good investment now might turn out to be a complete bust a year from now. There are so many different types of investments that it can make your head spin. Should you go with the mutual funds, or should you use that money on Treasury Bonds? While going alone might seem to be a good solution, using a stockbroker has several benefits.

An Introduction To Blue Chip Stocks

One of the safest and securest ways to invest is via quality stocks. Here is an introduction to investing in blue chip stocks.

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