How an Accountant Achieved a 75% & 99% Return Investing in the US and China Stock Markets in 2020

A View On Making a Stock Market Forecast

Many professional analysts and people try and predict certain economic trends and will attempt to provide an accurate stock market forecast for the year in some or all of the major markets around the world. Even before the markets existed, forecasting was widely used and can help give indicators as to the best and worst outcomes one could reasonably expect in any given year. However this is trickier than it sounds and throughout history, we find that almost all of the forecasts actually turn out to be wrong.

Stock Trading Strategy for Failsafe Options Trading

When we think about the ways we have to make our money grow in number, one of the first options that come to our mind always have stock trading in them. Thanks to media propaganda, the attractive world of stock trading has become a lot more luring for potential investors.

Can Buying and Selling Penny Stocks Make You Money

You may be new to investing and are trying to figure out the best place to invest your money. Many people have turned to penny stocks because it can give you a lot of leverage and buying power. As with any investment you make you want to know what the risk are going to be. It is better to start out slow and then build up to a level that you feel comfortable with. If invest all of your money in penny stocks and you do not know yet what affects those stocks then you may be risking all of your money too soon.

Reduce Your Risk Buying and Selling Penny Stocks

Penny stocks can be a great investment and way to make money. You have to be aware of the risk involved so that you do not make a bad decision. If you are new to investing then make sure before you take your money and do something you might regret, learn about the investment and the risk. There are people who decide that they are going to make a lot of money trading penny stocks but they don’t know the first thing about them.

Exceptional Overbought-Oversold Market Indicator: The Holy Grail for Option Income Investors?

“Buy Low and Sell High” is the tongue-in-cheek recommendation all investors have certainly heard often. However trite, it does house an important implied reality involving timing your trade entry – especially important if your trade horizon is relatively short, as is the case with option credit spreads used in search of generating reliable monthly income. Here’s a very robust technical indicator that I and other option pro’s often rely upon to help determine when a market is likely to change direction.

Psychology of Successful Investors

There is a fine line between good investors, and very good investors. Good investors hit the jackpot frequently. They are “good” at what they do. However, very good investors hit the jackpot once in a while, but they hit it big. They make diamonds and gold out of it. They are “extremely good” and very successful at what they do. And this difference in degree of goodness is what makes the investors victorious in financial markets.

Penny Profits

If you want to invest for wealth, it helps to emulate what the wealthy people do. For those who want to learn the first secret about what millionaires do differently from the rest of the population, you only have to realize they are willing to speculate on riskier investments.

Learning the Stock Market – Learn How to Study the Stock Market

If you are studying the stock market, there is a lot of information and many resources available in the web. There is a great level of information available that can help you a lot. Many people do not continue learning the market because there are several things to understand and individuals generally want to study the easiest things.

Europe’s Growing Impact on the US Stock Market

It used to be tough enough to wake up to see what US futures were doing to get prepared for a new trading day. But now it’s more about waking up to find out what happened overnight in the Asian and European markets, because it’s no longer the case of the tail wagging the dog. Europe has suddenly taken top dog status while the US is left to follow their lead.

Overvalued and Undervalued Stocks

Financial investments are a tricky business. They involve countless risks, complicated profitability calculations, turn over ratios, estimations of future performances and then making judgments on the basis of these complex risk rates and calculations. Therefore, financial investments particularly investments in stocks are deemed to be territories where only wise and shrewd succeed and make profits.

Trade Exit Strategies to Capture Profits Reliably

I describe how to implement trade exit strategies in this article. When trading stocks, currencies, CFDs or options, you only make profits when you close your trade: never before. If you’ve ever suffered by letting your unrealised profit turn into a loss, you might need a reliable exit strategy. In this article I explain how to implement stop loss exit strategies to capture those profits more reliably.

How To Diversify Your Stocks

The one principle that everybody who is investing in stocks should learn and practice is diversification. Diversifying stocks means that you buy shares in different kinds of companies in order to reduce the risks and increase potential gains.

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