How an Engineer Made +105% Profits ($211,000) in 10 Months

Capturing Wealth Through Intelligent Stock Selection

The aim of investors should be to capture most value by buying stocks where there is visible, forward earnings growth and where this growth can be bought at a reasonable price. A disciplined approach to stock-picking needs to be adopted. In the case of growth stocks investors should seek to identify shares that are ripe for a status change i.e. ones that are likely to be re-rated in the near future. Without industry-specific knowledge, initially this is best done by employing stock-screening filters.

Use Business Models To Attain Higher Returns On The Stock Market

Sustainable competitive advantage should be of interest to the investor because it helps to underpin a company’s future earnings and increase the reliability of brokers’ earnings forecasts. Management can have a big influence on the shape of an industry by being innovative particularly through the application of new technology. In certain cases companies have transformed the underlying economics of an industry. This in turn can generate higher returns, which can drive share prices higher and make you wealthier.

What Makes a Good Stock Trade Learning Program?

Today’s economy as well as previous economic eras have all centered around one primary issue – that of how to secure one’s financial future. What are the determining factors behind one person who managed their money to arrive at a comfortable retirement versus the unfortunate soul who did not? The matter boils down to the investors ability to recognize the optimum means to capitalize on their financial assets, set goals that are attainable in the long term and get into investments that will help make those long term goals a reality.

Successful Trading Requires Cumulative Knowledge

When it comes to successful trading, most traders and investors underestimate what it really takes. If you want to achieve excellent results in the long run, it will take years of proper trading education. Learn some of the secrets, and you could make a fortune.

Beat The Bear Market With Structural Growth

A good way of approaching the current bear market is to identify sectors and leading players within those sectors that are benefiting from positive trends and structural growth. Companies continuing to post strong results in a downturn are often strongly product-led with sales growth driven by new product cycles as well as a structural shift in patterns of consumer spending. Investors can target this growth by carefully selecting the shares of leading players within these industries.

If Only We Could Ignore Europe

For the first time this year there are indications the U.S. economy has bottomed and a nascent recovery may be underway. But Europe has global economies and markets hostage to the decisions that come out of the EU summit this weekend that could gut-shoot any hopes for a recovery.

Investing in a Stock

When I search online for investment tips what I usually find are terms and definitions or links to online brokerage services. Really worthless stuff if you ask me. I decided to post tips I think will be useful to individual investors who would like to manage their own portfolio.

Occupy Wall Street and Your Financial Plan

The Occupy Wall Street movement came out of nowhere. In just 4 weeks we have a movement that has gained some real traction. Here is where I agree with them.

Stocks And Shares: Screening For Profit

One question facing investors is how to achieve superior returns over the long-term. One option, which can save time and inject much-needed focus and discipline is to use stock screening and data mining tools as part of your armoury. The reason there is so much interest in stock screening is that, if implemented intelligently, the evidence suggests that it is one of the surest ways of consistently ‘beating the market’.

Trading Initiative

Do you jump out of bed each morning excited about the day that is in front of you and what you are going to experience and learn? Do you have a hunger for more success in the primary 3 areas of your life? Trading, Trading and Trading? Just kidding, of course! There is more to life than Trading! But this post will really dive into the trading and investing side of things.

Are Cheap Stocks a Good Investment?

In these days of economic distress, many people are looking to invest in cheap stocks. The amount of liquid cash in the hands of ordinary investors is not much. So, at least a part of that cash can be used in buying cheap stocks. However, it is essential that you know the ins and outs of investing very thoroughly if you are to venture in the world of cheap stocks. You should know about investing in penny stocks successfully and should be able to monitor the market closely.

Danger Of Debt In Bear Markets – Part 2

It is vital to focus on the company balance sheet in bear markets because most money can be lost in a downturn by investing in companies that are badly financed. It is crucially important, therefore, to assess the financial strength of companies. So how does one go about measuring the financial strength of companies? In order to assess the financial risks facing a company the key is understanding how balance sheets are constructed, how much debt there is and the cost and pressures of servicing it.

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