How I Use Options to Win 90% of My Stock Trades

Why Your Trading Business Should Never Have A Bad Trade

Traders hate to lose money. Actually, I think everyone hates to lose money. When money is at stake, people change, entirely new personalities and behaviors begin to emerge that no one has ever seen before.

How To Purchase A Front Month Option Contract

Using options as an alternative to the outright purchase of a stock can produce much better returns when the trader is correct on the directional forecast of the security. The leverage that an option provides is the tantalizing bait that lures many speculators into the world of option trading. New traders with small accounts are particularly vulnerable to this market because of the low cost by which they may participate.

Stock Market Analysis Methods for Beginners

There are several methods that you can try when doing stock market analysis on your shares and stocks, especially if you are just new to the scene and need to have a comprehensive guide on how the stock market is played and how dividends are paid out. Experts have always been fascinated with how the stock market works, and as such many methods have been presented in order for stock market analysts and traders to fully understand the concepts of losses and earnings.

3 Tips for Making Serious Stock Market Profits

The stock market is a great place to realize your financial independence. Of course like with any form of investing, you’ve got to be prepared and be careful. As such, here are three tips for making serious stock market profits in the stock market today.

Stock Market Forecast – Make It Work for You

Few people trust a weather forecaster to be right 100% of the time, because it is impossible to predict the weather 100% of the time. This is because there are many factors involved with weather that can be tracked and analyzed, but not completely accurately predicted. With a stock market forecast it is the same way.

How to Trade Trending and Ranging Markets

The first step towards professional trading, whether it is in Forex, Stocks or Commodities, is learning to separate between trending and ranging periods. It is known that the markets trend only 20% of the time and in the rest they move in ranges, without a clear sense of direction. This is why it is crucial that you learn to separate these two conditions, and alter your trading style for each of these conditions.

How To Judge The Quality Of A Stock Investing Guide

The stock market offers a wonderful opportunity for investors to make money from the comfort of their home. Anyone with sufficient capital can invest in the stock market. All they need is information on how to invest correctly, and to make appropriate adjustments according to the fluctuations in the market.

Bigger Market Swings Are A New Fact Of Life

Traders love heightened market volatility that makes long-term investors queasy. Like it or not, big daily swings are here to stay.

A Buy And Hold Strategy Can Lead To Fabulous Wealth

When determining how to invest your money wisely there are all kinds of techniques. Here is how a buy and hold strategy can lead to great wealth.

Understanding The Pros And Cons Of Investment Grade Bonds

When considering bonds there’s much to look at like inflation protected securities, junk, and investment grade. Here is a basic understanding of the pros and cons of investment grade bonds.

Understanding What Are Dividends And Why Are They Appealing To Investors

Dividends are not just exclusive to investment grade bond investing, as stocks can pay income too. Here is a look at what are dividends.

Visual Statistics

Recognizing chart formations acts like recognizing opportunities. Both opportunities to profit, but also opportunity to avoid bloodbaths. Stock and option traders can either participate in major moves to their benefit or detriment. Numerous common technical patterns exist that can be employed to identify favorable entry and/or exit points.

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