How to Buy 100 Shares of Stock at 1/4 the Cost

How Does The Stock Market Work? Getting Past The First Few Hurdles

Help to get a better understanding, of how the stock market actually works. Why companies offer stocks, and what you need.

How To Get Started In The Stock Market: The First Thing That Has To Be Mastered

If you want to know how to get started in the stock market you will need to know a few things. Most of this does not involve researching companies or picking a broker. You will need to learn certain information that will help you decode other complex information.

Top Five Low Cost Brokerages

When I first began trading I was quite risk averse and I wouldn’t want to chuck most of my money into a brokerage account to start with. So in the beginning I figured out that the two most significant capabilities personally were a minimal minimum deposit and minimal trade commission rates.

Municipal Bond Markets – Boy I’m Just Not So Sure About Muni-Bonds Anymore, Let Me Explain

It’s been a while since CNBC has interviewed Meredith Whitman on the Muni-Bond market after her dire predictions, perhaps a little pre-mature, or maybe not? It seems everything is still not well, and I’m not just talking about Harrisburg PA, Birmingham AL, or Stockton CA. You see, there is a new problem afoot, one which might make things tougher for municipalities to get the funding and financing they need to do what they have to do.

3 Important Things To Note When Trading Stocks Using Moving Average

Many novice traders apply moving average as their primary technical indicators to trade stocks. Some of them use moving average crossover as a trading technique to enter and exit a stock position. In this article, I will discuss three practical risks associated with the use of this crossover technique.

Penny Stock Egghead – Penny Stock Investing 101

Here are some tips for people considering the Penny Stock Egghead. For someone who’s never bought a penny stock before, the market looks far more complicated than it actually is.

Stock Broking Tips by Professional Stock Agency

What are the options for those looking to invest in the mining industry? The three things people want in stocks are, execution (i.e. buying and sell of stocks), research, rumour and stock prices/announcements and good advice. CPS can provide research, execution and good advice.

History Of The London Stock Exchange

The Royal Exchange had been founded by Thomas Gresham, and it was opened by Elizabeth I in 1571. In 1698 stock dealers were expelled from the old commercial center known as The Royal Exchange because of their rowdiness. A broker named John Casting started to issue a list of stock and commodity prices. Jonathan’s coffee house in Change Alley became the center point for stock dealers to operate from. After about 20 years of share mania the bubble burst and share prices started to fall. Parliament passed the Bubble Act, which stated only royally chartered companies could issue public shares but more bad luck fell upon the stock dealers when a fire in Change Alley destroyed most of the coffee houses in 1748. However by 1761 these were rebuilt and a group of 150 brokers and jobbers formed a club to buy and sell shares.

Let Your Money Grow By Choosing the Right Mode of Investments

There are many types and forms of investments in India and you need to understand your requirements before you can zero in on one and invest your money. Though the traditional forms of investments such as insurance policies and National Saving Certificates (NSCs) are hugely popular in the Indian market, there has been a rising interest in other forms of investment too. There are people who do not want their money to get stuck for huge number of years; hence they opt for short-term investments such as cash investment and so on.

To Trade Stocks for a Living

If you want to learn how to trade stocks for a living, be prepared to spend several years at it. To avoid substantial financial loss, you must not underestimate the work, time, and discipline requirements.

Penny Stock Success Depends on Research – The Penny Stock Prophet Can Save You Time

There are lots of reasons that people do not research just before buying penny stocks. Sometimes they do not understand how to execute due diligence on the firm. Sometimes they don’t know what the information means even when they do investigation, so that they choose to just wing it. Also, people do not carry out the necessary investigation because they have no time. The Penny Stock Prophet, James Connelly can save you research time.

Do You Understand The Real Risks of A Covered Call?

As an investor, do you understand the real risk of covered call? Have you heard of alternative options strategies such as married put and dynamic collar before? In this article, I will discuss the real risk of covered call and highlight the importance of getting education on married put and dynamic collar.

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