Lessons of How a Retiree Achieved Financial Freedom

Ten Foolproof Factors For Successful Value Investing

Learn how to invest in stocks like Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham. Discover which 10 factors lead to successful value investing.

Online Penny Stock Trading Strategies That Produce Success

Trading in penny stocks is often the way new investors decide to play the stock market. These are low cost stocks, selling at below $5.00 per share. The NASDAQ is the best source for these investment opportunities. With proper preparation, including research on brokerage firms and stocks, utilizing online penny stock trading can prove to be quite lucrative for an investor.

Know What Smart Investors Know

Open the financial pages or read a financial website, and you’ll get a dozen different opinions on how to beat the market. You’ll see many conflicting opinions on what the market will do next. How is the individual investor supposed to sort it all out? Knowing some basic, well-tested principles can help you steer a steady course through all the fear and greed. Commit these ideas to memory and your returns will improve:

What Is an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)?

An exchange-traded fund, or ETF, is a pooled investment vehicle that trades like a stock and is listed on an exchange. ETFs track assets or investment targets like a stock index, specific sectors, commodities or any number of strategies as well. While having some similar characteristics tomutual funds and index funds, an ETF has unique features and differences that investors need to understand before investing. When used appropriately, an ETF can be a very useful investment tool to add to any portfolio.

What Beginner Online Binary Options Traders Should Know Before Opening A Trading Account

Many forecasters are predicting a potential boom for online trading investors and platform operators, fueled by the global roll out of broadband Internet, which means that millions of people most of whom have never traded in financial markets before could become avid online traders. Nevertheless it remains to be seen whether the fledgling online trading bubble might burst prematurely by increasing market regulation, and concerns about Internet security.

Trade Stocks Online For a Living? Yes You Can

One of the main ways that many day traders are able to be successful in their trading ventures is by using quality stock trading software that is able to analysis stocks and produce data that can be helpful in your trades. Can you be a day trader full time? Yes, you can! Read to find out what makes a successful day trader and learn about the pros and cons of taking this on as a career.

A Key to Great Investing: Understanding Risk

Maybe it’s the way we’re wired, but most people are terrible at assessing risk. We put our money in “safe” investments and get clobbered and avoid “risky” investments that double and triple.

High Dividend Stocks – These ETFs Are Better In Tough Times

Producing steady income for your investment portfolio can be difficult during tough economic times. When the markets are getting slammed and Europe is teetering on the brink of a financial collapse, putting your hard earned money into high dividend stocks may not be the best decision. The loss in the underlying stocks will provide negative net returns in a down market. This is what happened to many investors in 2008 and 2009.

BioTech Breakout Trader Mark Messier Isn’t Your Typical Trader

Find Out What Makes Mark Messier’s New BioTech Breakout Trader so Much Different Than Any Other Trading Membership Available. In This BioTech Breakout Trader Review, We Will Show You What’s Included In the Service and Why It May Be a Good Fit For You.

Big Mistakes That Destroy Investor Returns

A little knowledge can be disastrous when you’re wading into the stock market for the first time. There are some huge traps that can cost you a fortune. Here are some of the most insidious:

Can Individual Investors Beat the Market?

If you’ve lost money in your retirement accounts, you’re probably disgusted with your financial advisors or mutual fund managers. You wonder if it wouldn’t be possible to do better yourself. There are really two questions here.

The Toughest Decision: Should You Sell Your Stock?

Sometimes deciding what stocks to buy is easy. You find several great ideas, and snapping them up seems a no-brainer. Then one of two things happens: You were right and your stock price soars, or you were wrong and you bite your nails as you watch the price plunge.

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