Know How To Find Winning Trades

Stock options trading is risky but controlled risk can catapult you to the rank of super wealthy. Learn how to make money quickly.

When To Buy and Sell Stocks

Successful investing and trading in the stock market requires a sound strategy that is followed with strict discipline. This article discusses how a basic trend following model can provide the signals for when to buy and sell stocks.

Alternative Ways to Participate in the Stock Market

There are more techniques for participating in the stock market than just buying stocks. This article will explore four techniques or strategies for participating in the stock market.

The Benefits of Being an Active Investor

Investing lore asserts that the best way for the retail investor to profit is by handing his funds over to a “professional” and being in it for the long haul. If the last 20 years of professional performance have not shown the fallacy of this approach it’s not clear what will. That said, there are several substantial benefits to active trading as opposed to buy and hold. Read the following for three of the most important of them.

Choosing the Top Trading Site for Beginners

Investing in the stock market is a good way to secure your future, which is why thousands of people try their hand at it. However, it is a daunting business landscape, especially for beginners. Luckily, there are numerous trading sites that can help novices learn more about this business.

Plan Out Your Trade With a Professional Advisory

A good deal of planning, self-analysis and help from a professional advisory can set the stage for successful stock options trading. This is the key to lucrative future investment.

What Is an Exchange Traded Fund?

Since 2003 exchange Traded Funds have increased from just a few funds, that were the tools of professional investors, to hundreds of funds in many different categories. ETF’s have a market capitalization in the U.S. estimated to be in excess of $900 billion. Day trading of ETF’s has become an attractive option to investors

Penny Stocks or Blue-Chip? A Case to Ponder

Penny stocks are at the opposite end of price spectrum of the ones that earned a mighty title of Blue-Chip shares. Penny stocks are traded at pennies per share while Blue-Chip counterparts command hundreds of dollars. Penny stocks are often not even listed on any of the major markets, but Blue-Chip shares make the market, literally.

Do You Recommend to Clients to Invest in Stocks Based on Software Reports?

Stocks trading software is undoubtedly an important for anyone wishing to invest in stocks. However, the rating cannot be used in isolation and dismissing a stock or a mutual fund based on software analysis can cost you much.

How Did the Flash Crash Affect Asian Markets?

In 2010, something weird happened in the American stock market. Without explanation, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped over 1000 points – about 9% at the time – and then zoomed back up to where it was as though nothing had happened. Initially inexplicable, this fluke has since been traced back to the complex trading algorithms and software used by trading companies in the United States to take advantage of minute differences in value. A few minor changes accumulated to create a “perfect storm” in which thousands of computer programs were all directed to sell – and then, only a few minutes later, to buy. This “flash crash” frightened many investors, investment firms and software engineers, who were fearful that such a crash might result in the collapse of a market or at least the destruction of millions of dollars in equity due to a few minutes of aggressive selling.

Covered Call Stocks for Passive Income

Wouldn’t it be better for you to have passive income? If you think that passive income is like a rare jewel, then here’s your chance to getting a rare gem.

When Buying Deep in the Money Calls Is Not a Good Idea

Here are ways on how you can improve as a covered call writer. This short article will help you become more strategic in making covered calls.

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