Are Stock Simulators Worth It?

Many people start their investing education with stock simulators to develop a “feel” for the market. This is a mistake. You have to be fully engaged, and that means staring the possibility of real loses in the face. This is called market tuition. You have to pay it sooner or later.

More Timing Nonsense

The idea that markets can be timed successfully is perhaps the easiest investing untruth to lay bare. Many investors and brokers say they know when to enter or leave the market. At some point they must admit that they do not and cannot know where the markets are going.

Stock Trading Tips – How Does It Work For You?

Stock investing is one of the very popular forms of investment among a great number of traders. To a person who is not into securing stock, seeing men and women fixing their eye balls on the numbers spin on the monitor may seem rather hilarious. Nonetheless, to these traders, these statistics are extremely crucial as they show whether their investment are responsible for a profit or a loss. This article shows you how you can make tons of money with stock trading.

Economic Value Added – Is The Company Creating or Destroying Shareholder Value

When buying shares, most people look at the company’s profits. But life is not so simple. Despite being profitable, a company may actually be destroying shareholder wealth. Therefore, it is important to go beyond profits and look at EVA.

An Exact Science to Buying Dips and Selling Rallies

This guide should give you a good basis as to how rigorous and disciplined our decisions need to be in order to be able to make consistent profits from a simple trading strategy. I have outlined an exact science to buying dips and selling rallies on the stock market.

Finding Reliable Online Share Brokers

If you are interested on joining the Forex trading market, one of the first things that you need to find would be reliable online share brokers. Apart from entrusting them with your investment shares, a reliable online broker can provide you with the right guidance as to how you should wisely handle your investments. Aside from that, they can also give you options and solutions on how you can diversify and manage your portfolio.

A Primer on Stock Warrants – Why Stock Warrants Are Issued and What They Represent

This article provides a basic overview of stock warrants. Included is a definition of what a stock warrant is, where they trade, why they are issued, and some of the common characteristics of stock warrants. Stock warrants can be a valuable investing / trading tool, but an investor must first understand the basics of the financial intrument.

4 Steps To Having A Profitable Trading Mindset

Over the years, has seen explosive growth in its membership base. I want to thank you, readers and traders, for your support and for allowing me the opportunity to shed some light into the seemingly mysterious world of options.

Online Stock Market Trading and How to Select Safe Stocks to Buy

A decade or more ago many people made big money on the stock market, often with very little strategic knowledge of how the market really worked. Those were good times and it was not necessarily very difficult to select a safe stock in which to invest. The present economic situation requires somewhat more care and caution to find safe stocks, but there are still many good opportunities through learning how to select and buy stocks so as to reduce your risks.

How to Invest Money Online Starting Today

Investing your extra money is far better than putting it into a bank account, which earns such little interest these days. It is naturally wise to keep some money in the bank because it is instantly accessible in case of an emergency, but for amounts that might be deemed in excess of such potential emergencies, you may want to consider making an investment online, using the power and flexibility of the Internet. How do you go about selecting the best and safest way to invest using online resources?

When CEOs Lie They Go To Jail – When Politicians Lie They Get Elected

One thing I find rather alarming is that we have a double standard when it comes to our political leadership and our top corporate executives. That is to say when it comes to corporate America and government leadership, we seem to allow lots of unethical behavior in our government and with our politicians, but the CEOs who are running America’s greatest companies must walk a fine line. Might I suggest that those who are enforcing and making the rules are the ones that we should turn our heads and look at?

Will Higher Taxes Damage Your Portfolio?

Do higher taxes equate to negative stock market returns? Does any one economic variable accurately predict stock market performance?

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