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How to Make Big Money Trading the Markets

One way to make big money is by trading the markets. You simply can’t get rich by working a regular job. You have to put some money to work, and let money work for you. Learn secrets of the world’s best traders and investors. This could be your ticket to making a fortune.

How To Recognize a Top In The Stock Market?

The U.S. stock market continues to be very strong as any pullback remains shallow and is quickly met by buying demand. The current uptrend has been intact now for almost two months now (since mid-December 2011) without any significant interruptions. The market is overbought and overextended but these concepts do not mean the market will pullback. So, how we can recognize that the market is close to a top or has made one?

The Trading Plan and It’s Self-Stopping Feature

Trading with a trading plan is like driving a car with self-stopping technology on board. The car stops itself without input from the driver when a collision is imminent. It takes over and stops even before the driver becomes aware that he must stop the car. It is one feature that will save the driver from an accident that will certainly cause him grief and financial loss.

Bearish Belt Hold

When first starting out with candlestick charts, it’s important to understand a few basic features about the chart itself. The images placed on the chart are called the candlesticks, and they can be black, white, red, or blue.

Call Options Strategy for Investors

A professional option trader is well aware of the right time to employ any particular strategy, hence the philosophy that professionals sell options while amateur traders buy them! This article discusses using covered calls as an income oriented strategy.

Penny Stocks: How To Improve Your Odds and Make Really Good Money

Most people trade penny stocks like they play the lottery. Read this article to learn what you must do to vastly improve those odds and make a lot of money.

Programming for Automated Trading

Automated trading is the process of using computerized system to trade a financial instrument (stocks, options, currency etc). It involves writing a computer program to identify entry and exit points into a trade. This article highlights some of the benefits of automated trading and how you can get started with it.

How To Get Started In Value Investing

Interested in investing like Warren Buffet? Then you want to become a value investor! Learn how to identify under valued stocks that will serve you for the long haul!

US Inflation Waiting to Spike

The US economy is at serious risk of suffering a major inflationary spike. Whilst this can be avoided with the careful use of monetary policy tools, rising inflation would put a struggling US economy and global equity markets under severe pressure. For traders and investors, the key will be spotting this trend earlier than many did during the GFC.

2 Key Strategies for Trading Penny Stocks

Penny stocks can be very profitable. Their low price (less than 5 dollars/share) means that an increase of just a few dollars in price will mean a big percentage gain. Furthermore, since they are cheap to buy, they can be ideal for investors with small accounts. But as with all trading, penny stocks can be very risky. They are notoriously speculative because they represent small or start-up companies that don’t have a significant market share. So, it is important to know how to pick the right stock. This article will discuss two key strategies.

Investing In The Covered Calls Strategy

There are many options available claiming extraordinary and fast earning potential. For those seeking a more sophisticated and long term investment strategy, the income oriented strategy known as “covered calls” could be worth considering. This is by no means a fast money strategy, but offers an income potential for anyone, with full tutorials available that guide you through every step of your progression, explaining the advantages, any risks that may occur and the potential rewards.

Legislative Acts and Regulatory Tendencies in the Securities Market

It’s not a secret that the US stock market is the largest in the world both in the number of companies trading there and in its capitalization. Investors from around the world dream of getting access to such a liquid, diverse and broad market. What is the American stock market and how is it regulated? Who are the market participants and what are their rights? How are securities traded in the US and what are the requirements?

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