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Bitcoin & It’s Impact On Currency

Bitcoins has made a tremendous impact on today’s currencies. In fact, some countries are thinking of using Bitcoins (I call it, “The Quiet Giant”) to restore their economy.

New Signs of an Economic Recession in 2017

A recession is coming. While the exact catalyst is hard to pin down, recent data shows that companies are preparing for the worst… and you should be doing the same.

Invest and Prosper: Goals & Discipline

Successful investing is above all a long-term affair of running risk to reap reward and accumulate desired (i.e. sought-after) financial wealth. And now more so than ever as we live a third of our lives or longer in retirement, and as hard-pressed governments can no longer be counted on to anything like the extent they or we once hoped.

Basic Things You Must Know About Stocks

Stock prices change. But nobody really knows why such thing happens. The only thing people know is that stocks are very volatile and can change in price rapidly.

The Most Dangerous Stock Market Game

Technical indicators, economic data, everything… says the market just can’t go any higher. And yet, the market goes higher still. Welcome to the next market melt-up.

Don’t Fall for the Jobs Data Deception

The June jobs report blew past expectations, but the devil is in the details. An economy built on falling corporate revenue, declining goods orders and low-paying jobs cannot stand.

Navigating the Dangers of a Corrupt Wall Street

There is a corruption festering on Wall Street, and you won’t hear about it from the mainstream talking heads. It’s truly a den of thieves… so it’s crucial to learn to navigate safely.

Understanding of Proprietary Trading

This article discusses the importance to focus on the basics of proprietary trading. You must have a sound understanding of the basics to be successful in the field of proprietary trading. Once you are aware of the trade secrets and intraday trading, you can see lucrative career options in front of you.

Fuel for the Next Bear Market

This “most hated” bull market will soon become a hated bear market. And with margin debt rising unchecked, those with overleveraged accounts are going to get wiped out.

Another Market Meltdown?

Before jumping into an investment, you want to be aware of the risks of a market crash. And this early crash warning indicator can help you do just that.

Is the Consensus Right or Wrong About China?

Was it Churchill who originated the phrase, ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’? Citing the exceptional circumstances of Brexit, today we had the Italians asking the EU to allow them to bail out their own banks to avoid the now familiar bail in process of hitting shareholders and depositors first. “Nein” was the response from Germany who reminded the Italians it is shareholders and depositors who must take the first hit.

The Buffett-Berkshire Way

“Investing is simple, but it isn’t easy”. I’ve heard Warren Buffett say words to this effect very often, most recently at Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting – my twenty-first!

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