Take Advantage of Penny Stocks

Penny stocks, also known as micro-cap stocks, are not traded on the floor of a traditional exchange, like the New York Stock Exchange or the NASDQ, although the NASDQ does have a small cap market. Penny stocks are usually traded on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTC-BB).

Penny Stocks on the NASDQ

When discussing penny stocks that are listed on the NASDQ exchange, analysts differentiate between the type of penny stocks sold over the counter and off pink sheets and the penny stocks sold on the NASDQ. While the NASDQ penny stocks are riskier than traditional stocks, they are not as risky as the over counter version.

Rediscovering Stocks At The Wrong Time

A lot of people are venturing into the stock market as it nears record highs. It’s bad timing, but don’t let that stop you.

How To Buy Shares

When you are ready to invest in the stock market, it is crucial to decide which stock is worth investing the money in. And to succeed in the stock market, one needs to employ some strategies to find such good stocks. Stocks are selected based on certain criteria rather than randomly. This ensures higher returns than in case of the average market profits. But, it is important to always remember, that there is no specific strategy or magic key to avoid losses and get high profits in the stock market!

Have You Ever Dreamed Of Being a Small Investor?

We all remember the film ‘Wall Street’ where a back room clerk gets the chance to mix it with the big boys. He becomes really rich very quickly and is soon a multimillionaire with all the trappings.

Penny Stock Websites

Online investors are always on the lookout for hot penny stocks, but new investors don’t always know where to look for them. By subscribing to some online websites, you will receive regular penny stock alerts, notifying you of the hot stocks and trends in the micro-cap market.

Penny Stocks Are Awesome

Penny stocks, also known as micro-cap trading, are stocks that trade below $5.00 on stock quote sheets, outside the major trading networks. Penny stocks are highly speculative, offering investors an opportunity for big profits and big losses.

How to Convert Physical Shares to Demat Mode

If you are holding any shares as physical certificates, you may need to convert them into demat (dematerialisation) before one sell them on any stock exchange in India. You must have a demat account in any of the two depositories namely NSDL or CDSL to convert your physical shares into demat mode. Converting shares from physical mode to demat mode has many advantages.

Penny Stock Trading

Investors use the term penny stocks to describe high risk stocks that trade for less than $5.00 a share. Penny stocks are not traded on traditional stock exchanges, like the New York Stock Exchange or the NASDQ, but are bought and sold “over the counter”.

Role of a Stock Options Trading Consultant

A stock options trading consultant is the friend, philosopher and guide, who can make your stock market journey seem like a cakewalk. So, get started to gamble with investments with professional guidance.

Penny Stock Investing

Finding unbiased and comprehensive information about micro lode or penny stocks can be a challenge. These stocks are often not discussed in the major financial papers or on any of the financial news networks.

Online Trading and the Investor

On-line trading is an affordable way to manage your stock portfolio. Until recently, most investments were handled through brokers and their firms, which provided their clients with expert advice and research.

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