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Facts and Wrong Beliefs About Stock Trading

Your decision might sooner or later cost you huge amount of money. Stock trading is not a one-manned business, you have to find out where to get professional advice. That way, you can have a reliable source of certified views that will take you to success.

How to Survive a Bad Stock Investment

Improve your investment performance. Turn a bad investment into a profitable one.

What You Must Know To Trade With A Margin Account

When you collect loans to invest based on expected percentage growth of your invested instrument, or based on a targeted capital appreciation of an invested shares relative to the interest charged on the loan with respect to a certain time frame, then you are already into margin trading. Hence the margin (or call it the difference) between the percentage interest on the loan and the expected percentage target growth in share price becomes the margin and the account by which this transaction is operated becomes the margin account, since it is operated on the custody and supervision of the margin giver.

Successful Stock Traders and Why They Are Winners

In the world of trading, whether its stocks, commodities or forex, there are a few real winners and they win consistently. Few know their names and fewer know their game and rules, however its the rules that separate them from the losers.

The NASDAQ – Critical Things You Should Know

If you’re a beginner or are remotely interested in investing, you’ll encounter the terms Dow Jones, NYSE or the NASDAQ quite often. One who is seriously interested in the stock market ought to understand these first before going full swing into investing hard-earned money in stocks.

Options Trading Basics – How An Options Price Is Determined, Part Two

When looking at an option chain, there are many different expiration months and strikes prices available. So how is the price of each option contract determined? Quite simply, options are priced on probabilities. These probabilities are calculated using different pricing methods, the most well known being the Black Scholes Pricing Model.

Understanding a Fundamental Analysis of Stocks

Fundamental analysis is not for speculator but is for those who are prepared to study and analyze a company; for those who arrive a decision after careful thought and deliberation. Fundamental Analysis is for the rational man. Here it has been explained briefly how an investor can analyze a company, a sector using fundamental analysis approach.

Trade Stocks Online

The first step to take when venturing into the stock market world is understand that all decisions involved with stocks are a risk. The key to getting started in stock trading is to understand the different risk variables associated with different trades. Learning to trade stock online has become much easier with so much technology available at your fingertips.

How to Hack the Stock Market Legally Through Smart and Prudent Stock Trading Methods

Do you want to know about how to hack the stock market legally through smart and prudent stock trading methods? Do you expect to learn more about the ideas to generate money from stock market as if you hack the stock market?

Stock Trading Picks – Finding Your Own Vs Using a Service

For someone who has no stock market experience, but wants to invest some capital in the stock markets, it can be difficult to know where to start. The important thing is, to not let that hold you back, as there are many options or paths you can take to invest your money in the stock market and find your stock trading picks.

3 Ways to Manage Risk With Penny Stock Trading

Progress and investing always involve risk. Perhaps this is more true in the penny stocks arena than with “normal” stocks. You don’t need to let this stop you from the profit you deserve though. In fact, by taking some precautions, your trading can be far less stressful and much more rewarding.

Jim Chanos Bets Against China

The most vocal bear case about the Chinese economy has been voiced by Jim Chanos, who runs a short only hedge fund in New York. Chanos is a celebrated hedge fund manager who became famous after correctly predicting the demise of Enron. With a tongue in cheek manner he said that the Chinese property bubble was “Dubai X 1000.”

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