Quarter 1 2021 Stock Market Review Part 2 of 2

How to Make Money During a Sideways Market

The stock market has tended to alternate between period of dramatic advances of 500 to 1000% during secular bull markets, and long periods of volatile, range-bound movement. What is disconcerting is that these periods can be as long as 15 to 20 years. So what can YOU do to ensure your retirement plan or investment portfolio doesn’t participate in this performance vacation?

Stocks Part 2 – Understanding the Numbers and Ratios (Less Basic)

In the previous installment I went over a glossary of stock terms, let’s continue our definitions. These terms are not usually the first numbers you see on a stock, but can tell you…

Stocks Part 1 – Understanding the Numbers and Ratios (Basic)

A constant goal that I have is to educate clients. My hope is that when clients hear terms in the media or in casual conversation that they could have some understanding of what is…

How to Do a Buffett-Graham Inspired Stock Analysis

Learn the techniques of the greatest investors of our time, Warren Buffett and Ben Graham. This how-to manual explores many of the simple common sense principles that have made Buffet and Graham investing icons, as well as more complicated ratios they often used such as return on invested capital and net-working capital. A must read for any investor.

How to Be a Millionaire: 4 Core Steps

To become a millionaire on a lower income takes conviction to a long term plan and a mastery of the basic principles of saving and investing. Learn how to incorporate the core steps into your financial plan as well as learning some helpful facts to strengthen your conviction as a long term investor. This how to get rich guide is a must read. Start your millionaire journey on the right foot!

3 Steps to Get You Started on the Stock Market

Do you view investing in the stock market as intimidating? This article will provide you with the 3 steps to follow to make it easier to get started on the stock market.

How to Manage a Long Term Portfolio of Stocks for the Retail Investor

Having a long term portfolio of stocks and managing the portfolio in a passive, long term manner, I believe is the best way to have exposure to the stock market. Learn how to assemble a portfolio that you can hold for the long term in any type market. Gain insight into ways to improve your portfolio by implementing our portfolio management rules.

Can the US Economy Sidestep Europe’s Recession?

The strength of the U.S. recovery continues to surprise. But is it any different than the recoveries in the winter months of the last two years, which quickly stumbled almost into recession during the summer both times when further government stimulus was not provided?

Online Share Dealing: Execution Only

Purchasing shares online without the help of a stockbroker may seem like an attractive option to the adventurous investor, but for the novice dabbling in “execution only” investments should be treated with care. Online share dealing Online share dealing accounts offer a fast and often low-cost way to invest in shares. For a small premium you can begin trading online within a matter of hours.

The Stock Market Fundamentals

The basic understanding of the stock market is important to any working individual. You can no longer rely on someone else to look out for you and your investments. Now, more than ever, you must gain the knowledge of how the stocks market works and maybe you avoid taking big losses with the herd.

Stockpicking – Top Down Analysis

Stockpicking can come in a variety of forms, but the most important thing is to have an informed view. This can often be achieved by applying a top down analysis when deciding which stocks to invest in, meaning you start by looking at the broader economy and work your way towards an individual company.

Select the Right Share Market Broker for the Right Decision

When it comes to online stock trading, a brokerage firm or a broker plays a vital role. Brokers become absolutely indispensible when you do not possess enough time to study the stock market, or you are a novice and have inadequate knowledge of stock market trading. A broker’s role is important also because investing n share market is a serious business and involves huge amount of money and associated risks.

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