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Five Great Stocks for Kids Under 12

Did you know that kids can buy and sell stocks online in the same way that adults can? What better skill to pass on to your children than that of being able to show them how to grow their savings substantially over time through stock market investments. Here are my five favorite stock picks for kids under 12.

Keep It Simple – Trade Leveraged ETFs

Experienced investors and newbie investors would do much better if they were to trade leveraged ETFs. Because individual stocks move more aggressively, up and down, you CAN make more money investing in them. Reduce your risk and trade leveraged ETFs.

How To Get Sexy Profits From “Wall Street Wallflowers”

These overlooked and under-appreciated penny stocks often yield the highest profits. This article tells you why and how to find the best penny stocks that are poised for explosive growth before anyone else realizes just how valuable they are.

Your Stock Market Exit Signal Choices

A declining market is the greatest challenge and test for all investors but there are certain, yes key actions that you can take. The most difficult aspect when these signals are given is to actually follow through. You need to sell and lock in your profits when the sell, and especially the “get out”, exit signals are generated.

The “Lazy Way” To Trade Penny Stocks Turns Out To Be the Best Way

This article describes a really easy way to make a very consistent high profit with penny stocks. It also explains how I discovered this method and why it’s the best method to trade penny stocks.

How Millions of Traders Are Tripling Their Investments Using the Best Penny Stock Picks

A lot of new investors enter the market each day blindly and then become upset when they lose much to all of their initial investment. Making big money in the stock market today is as simple as relying on the same penny stock pick software which professional traders have been relying on and putting their trust into for years to anticipate high probability penny stocks and separate them from the rest of the market.

Being Delta Neutral

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) matches buyers and sellers of stocks. An auction system, high buy and low sell being matched by Specialists. Trades taking place when the two agree on price, one coming to the other.

Why a Good Investment Strategy Is the Key to Surviving (and Thriving) in Today’s Market

Anyone who is managing any amount of money in an investment account should be employing an investment strategy. Having a clear strategy based on a defined set of rules, procedures and behaviors is key to making good investment decisions. Here are some questions to ask yourself and the qualities of a good strategy to guide you on your way.

Option Basics: Volatility

This is the next article in my series introducing readers to Option Basics. This article will focus on Volatility.

Option Basics: Greeks: Theta

This is the next in my series about Option Basics: Theta. This will describe Time’s effect on option pricing. All options are priced according to time – how much time is left until expiration.

Benefits of Stock Option Investing

Stock Option Investing are a great way for traders to gain an advantage in the share market. They are great for not only maximizing profits, but also minimizing position and portfolio risk is used correctly. So let’s take a closer look.

What the Best Stock Brokers All Have in Common

A stock broker is someone who assists in buying and selling of fiscal securities. Some brokers improperly trade the securities in a customer’s account to generate profits. Nevertheless, the very best (and wealthiest brokers) don’t act from that basis. The most successful brokers are said to use The Science of Activating Your Supreme Power….

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