Stock Market Analysis August 2021

Find Out Who Will Beat Google and Win the Battle

If you were to Google “hottest stock” it might just redirect you back to their homepage. Here’s a trend that is becoming more and more apparent in the tech space. Tech is no longer made up companies that either make computers, make software, are internet companies or gadget companies. Tech is made up of behemoths who want to be everything for everyone. Take a look at a these companies…

The Pros and Cons of Online Stock Trading

Just about anyone who trades stocks online knows the pros vastly outweigh the cons. Nevertheless, enough disadvantages exist (especially for inexperienced investors) that both are worth exploring.

Why You Should Not Diversify Your Portfolio

We have been taught that diversification is the key to building long term wealth. We have been taught wrong. Learn how diversification is actually hurting your portfolio.

The Most Accurate Chart Patterns

In this article you will learn the most powerful chart patterns that you should focus on when trading and making profits in Stocks and Forex. There are many price action patterns out there and to make the most profits you need to focus only on the most accurate ones.

Stock Exchange Market – A Short Story

There is no quick way of making money or gaining riches, but persevere to work hard and enjoy the work one does.’Never work on something in a hurry out of ignorance or greed’. Always remember that the man who has gained knowledge is the man who succeeds. Otherwise, there are plenty of ‘fly by night operators to make an easy killing’ as told in the story.

Penny Stocks and How They Work

If you have ever wondered what penny stocks are and how people make money from investing in them, then the information is contained here, with advice on what to do before you get started. The term penny stocks is not exactly a true meaning of a penny stock.

There Is No Perfect Stop Loss

This article discusses how the mind gets confused about where a stop loss should be. Your mind wants to protect you just like your stop loss protects you. Every once in a while your stop gets you out at the bottom of a correction and this causes you pain. Then you don’t put a stop in place and end up selling way below where you were expecting to get out, causing you more pain. Learn that there is no perfect stop.

What Is the Best Stock Screening Software?

Stock screening software points investors of all backgrounds and experience levels in the direction of smart investing by anticipating behavior in current stocks to map out and predict what kind of subsequent behavior that current stock is set to exhibit. In this article I’m going to give a review of what I believe is the best stock screening software of today, Best Penny Alerts.

Worthwhile Ideas You Can Use in Finding the Best Stocks to Buy

Finding the best stocks to buy is not as simple as making a purchase in the mart. You can’t have it in a minute, unless it’s alright for you to throw your investment down the drain. You must make it a point that you don’t hastily jump into investing without taking into consideration some worthwhile points to remember. After all, it’s your hard-earned bucks that are at stake and losing them over a failed investment can make a world of difference.

Trade Your Way To Profits: The Perfect Trade Exit

Before you enter a trade, you should always know how you are going to exit. This is called a trade exit. There are two types of exits that you will need. There is the exit from a non-profitable trading situation, which will involve adhering to your initial stop. This is a way to limit your losses.

Finding the Top Stocks To Buy Now

Investors all around the globe want to know how to find the best stocks to buy right now. In these tough times, our economy is suffering and so are our pocket books. In the recent sell off this summer with the potential European debt crisis, there is a chance that another global crisis is looming if Greece and Italy do not get some help soon.

Trading Career: Secrets Of The Trading Pros

You may have embarked on your trading career. You may have had some wins and perhaps have experienced some losses. Realize that the need to master yourself and your own emotions is crucial if you are to become a successful trader.

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