Stock Market Analysis & Lessons from GameStop (GME)

Stock Investing: The Santa Claus Rally

In mid-December there is nothing discussed more often on Wall Street than the so-called “Santa Claus rally”. The Santa Claus rally, also referred to as the year-end rally, is a phenomenon that occurs almost every December when the price of stocks surge.

Fundamental Analysis of Stock Markets

What are stock markets? What is getting traded there? Stock markets are nothing but selling the ownership of the company. What is valued here? Here it all depends on how you evaluate a company. If you go to a grocery shop you will buy fruits. How do you decide the value of the fruit? It all depends on your needs, also relation between demand and supply. If you get more fruits in the market and if there is a less demand obviously the rate would be lesser. It is same here in stock markets too. More the buyers for a stock in company, more price of the scrip.

What Is Short Selling?

Short selling is a means to profit when an asset decreases in value. This asset could be in the form of stocks and shares, commodities, funds or currencies. Short selling, or shorting, is often associated with large, institutional investors such as hedge funds and investment banks.

Finding Opportunities in Obscure Microcap Stocks

The Intelligent Investing section on featured an interview Steve Forbes conducted with low-priced stock expert Marc Gerstein titled “Outsmarting Mr. Market”. Mr. Gerstein feels that although “The market is wiser than ever… there are still opportunities to be found.”

The New Trade-At Rule

In the last few years, it has been brought to our attention that there has been evidence of unfair events in stock trades. Back in 2008, roughly 18 percent of equity trades were made “off the board”-meaning that these stocks were not listed on any major exchanges. An example of this is “penny stocks”. Usually the financial media simply ignores these kinds of trades. But the percentage of people making these trades has increased drastically-to nearly 31 percent.

Limit Up Limit Down – The Cure for Market Volatility?

With the continuous extraordinary volatility that the market has been experiencing these past months, leading organizations in the industry of stock market have formulated a solution to be able to address the problem. This solution is termed as the Limit Up Limit Down. Organizations have proposed the approval and practice of the methodology to control the market volatility.

Stock Market Insights For Beginners

Greetings! Welcome to the wonderful environment of investing in the stock market. You’re about to be part of the ranks many elite groups of people, particularly those who have chosen to actively manage their own revenues and make it function for them.

How to Make Money In Share Market And Investment Tips

Share Market is a very nice place to earn some extra money apart from daily earning. One could easily do it directly from home. For this one needs simply an Internet connection and a demat account. That’s it. But before investing you should decide some guidelines that you will follow while making an investment. It is very necessary as people loose more easily then they earn money in this market if they don’t have any guidelines and haven’t done any prior research and study.

Diversification So Important In Investing

We live in very volatile times. If you ask me if the S&P market will be higher in one year’s time, I simply do not know the answer to that question. I have concerns about Gold in the sense that governments could start seizing it so in that regard is Gold a good investment?. Personally I think we don’t operate in free markets when you see the intervention governments are doing at the moment.

The Advantages Of Stock Timing When Investing Your Savings

There is a constant debate over whether you should ‘buy and hold’ your stock or you should practice stock timing to ‘buy and sell’ them according to variations in the market. Although there could be certain benefits in buying and holding your stock, there are times when selling and staying in cash, or investing in bonds can make a positive return. Stock timing could help you determine when to make that switch.

Credit Spread Profit – Take It Early or Wait Until Expiration?

An often overlooked credit trade management issue is what to do when you have what appears to be an obvious “winner.” Sometimes the optimum strategy is to do nothing and simply wait for expiration day and hopefully realize the entire maximum premium profit. Some situations favor exiting from the spread before expiration and taking a partial profit. Here are the considerations that can help you decide between the strategies.

Beginners Guide To Stock Market: Different Kinds Of Stocks

The stocks themselves get a little more complicated than the paint job scenario just mentioned. There are different kinds of stock, and they are differentiated by some very fine print.

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